A future quilter is on the way

Aspen's Line by Avlyn

I came home from my honeymoon and was convinced I was pregnant. So what’s a new quilter to do? Buy an entire line of fabric, of course.

Well, it was a false alarm, but 4 years later it’s finally time to pull out my line of Aspen’s Line by Avlyn and design a quilt top for my little quilter that is due this May.

There was only one problem. I was a pretty new quilter when I ordered the fabric, so I just ordered random sized cuts of fabric with no plan in mind. As I reviewed the stash I realized I didn’t have a single piece of neutral fabric large enough to be the background in the applique crib quilts I now design for special additions to the family.

Finding a piece of fabric that is just a year old can be difficult, finding 4-year-old fabric was going to be next to impossible. I searched Google, heading way, way past the first page of search results and finally found a site that not only sold it, but had several yards left in stock. I bought two even though I only need 3/4 of a yard. I’m erring on the side of caution this time.

I think I should also buy a lottery ticket since my luck is apparently quite good right now.

Now that I’m solidly in the second trimester, my energy has returned and I have appropriate amounts of fabric, it is time to begin work on the quilt. I want to create a giant appliqued puppy pouncing on a red ball. I have two yards of the red fabric that I only need a 5-inch square of by the way.

Why a dog? A portion of the sales from the Aspen’s Line went to Humane Society International. Since we’ve been married, my husband and I have shared our home with eight dogs, a rotation of rescues we adopted and foster dogs who stayed with us until they could find a forever home. This quilt will tie in my and my husband’s love of dogs, our commitment to rescue dogs and our new “hairless puppy” we’re adding to the family.

Now it’s time to do some work in Photoshop and start bringing this quilt to life.

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