It’s a Christmas miracle

Christmas Tree Skirt
Christmas Tree Skirt

It’s Christmas Eve and I don’t have any last minute sewing to do … It’s a Christmas miracle.

Normally about this time I’m freaking out about how exactly I’m going to finish everything and get it wrapped in time. Honestly, it doesn’t really even feel like Christmas if I’m not still up at 5 a.m. on Christmas morningĀ binding a quilt.

I don’t think this new development has anything to do with better project management. It has everything to do with celebrating with my husband’s side of the family last weekend. That meant I needed to finish the GAP-tastic Cowl for my mother-in-law and a doll wardrobe for my niece before we left town Saturday morning. And yes, I was sewing one final piece of Velcro on a doll jumper as my husband packed the car.

That means for tomorrow’s festivities I just had to make one pair of upcycled sweater mittens and a Christmas stocking for my nephew this week. Both were easy projects that I’ve made before dozens of times, so they went pretty quickly. Heck I even had time to watch a movie after I finished wrapping the final gift last night.

But I do have to help my mom finish a gift for my grandpa. She pieced the top and did the binding on a wall hanging and I did the quilting. Since my mom is a new quilter, she’s never made a hanging sleeve, so I’m going to attach it for her tonight after my husband and I get into town. I probably won’t be up to 5 a.m., but it will at least feel a little more like Christmas with some last-minute sewing.

How many handmade holiday projects do you all have left?

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