Handmade Christmas present reveal

It’s that time of year when my relatives smiling faces will grace the blog holding up the handmade gifts they got for Christmas. I hope you enjoy it, I’m sure they don’t.

American Girl clothes

American Girl doll wardrobe

For years whenever I make a garment for myself I also made a tiny version for my niece, in anticipation of the day she started playing with dolls. The day has finally arrived and she got an American Girl doll this Christmas.

I may have teased her that all she got was a box and made her cry. Then my husband may have said the clothes were too small for her and she cried again. This was all followed by more crying when she didn’t have a doll to fit the clothes. We celebrated the weekend before Christmas and she didn’t get her Santa gift until Christmas Eve.

So while it wasn’t the excited response I used to give my relatives when I got new items for my American Girl wardrobe, I did manage to get one photo of her smiling with my mother-in-law and a dress on a very skinny doll.

Duck wall hanging

Duck wall hanging

My mom has been learning to quilt and she spotted this panel while we were shopping for fabric for my nephew’s crib quilt. Last summer I helped her add some borders to it, then I quilted it and my mom bound it.

The gift wasn’t a secret from my grandpa, who used to love hunting in his younger days with Shadow, a black lab that was on par with Old Yeller if you go by his stories about the dog. But he was worried that he might not get it for Christmas. This was one of the last gifts he opened and he loved it so much he hung it up the very next day in his basement, which is filled with stuffed ducks and taxidermy fish. It fits right in.

Upcycled sweater mittens

Special sweater mittens

About a year ago my grandma gave me a sweater of hers that she couldn’t wear anymore. This Christmas she got that sweater back, but in the form of upcycled sweater mittens lined with fleece. These were a big hit. I think my cousin would like a pair next Christmas.

Fabric book and stocking

I completely failed when it came to getting pictures of this, but I made a soft fabric book for my nephew. He’s seven months old and everything goes in his mouth as he explores. That means regular books aren’t great, but fabric books are perfect. I used a fabric panel I bought that had the story of Frosty the Snowman to create this fun gift that he can enjoy both for hearing the story and being able to mangle without hurting it.

I also made him a Christmas stocking. I tried very hard to find manly Christmas fabric, which is more challenging than you might think. Next year I’ll have to do a tutorial on how to make them for you all.

GAP-tastic Cowl

GAP-tasctic Cowl

This was a very fast knitted project for my mother-in-law. Basically I walked into the yarn shop two weeks before Christmas, asked for big needles and chunky yarn. A week later I had a super warm, fashionable cowl. I think I hit home with this gift because my mother-in-law wore it home that night.

Mom Christmas

Handmade gifts I don’t have to make

I got my mom a Christmas table runner kit. She claims she only wants to make quilted table runners, nothing bigger. So this pattern is perfect for her. It will challenge her to make triangles, a new skill, and she’ll have plenty of time to get it done for the holidays next year. The present of course comes with quilting lessons from me.

Crochet for baby

The best kind of handmade gifts are the ones that someone else can make. This year I got my sister a crochet book for baby items and toys and yarn to make a cute koala toy for her son. It’s a gift I know she’ll enjoy so she can make something handmade.

I hope you all had a happy holiday and got all your handmade gifts finished in time. I’m going to leave you with one final photo. It has nothing to do with handmade gifts or quilting. But it just isn’t Christmas unless you put a bow on the dog’s head and take a picture. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Lady bow


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