So … I set my iron on fire

iron setting on fire

Today we say goodbye to the iron which has served long and faithfully for more than a decade.

A high school graduation gift from my aunt, the quilter, she must have known the iron would one day be needed for far more than the mundane task of ironing dress shirts I left in the dryer for a week.

The iron came to a fateful end Saturday afternoon, when with a spark and a crackle the cord started on fire. I stood there for a moment, knowing it was the end for the iron and trying to figure out the best way to stop the small blaze. Thankfully all it took was a small puff of air, like blowing out candles on a birthday cake.

As the smell of burned plastic filled the sewing room, I took the dearly departed iron outside and put it in the snow to cool off where it shall remain until trash day.

So long, iron.

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