Blood, guts and a sewing needle

big stitch, hand quilting

I spent New Year’s Eve and Day doing two things, hand quilting and watching The Walking Dead marathon on AMC.

I know, that’s kind of weird. I started watching the show at the beginning of Season 4 and have been dying (pun intended) to see the back story. So when I heard about AMC’s marathon, I knew I’d spend the day with blood, guts and a sewing needle.

I jumped, cried and got half of the border done on my wedding quilt. I’ve been married for four-and-a-half years, so finishing this quilt is long overdue.

When I started it I was still a pretty new quilter. My free-motion quilting skills were not what they are today. So I opted to use big stitch hand quilting, which I had far more control over than a machine at the time. I chose big stitch because just like the name implies, you don’t have to make teeny tiny stitches like traditional hand quilting. You use pearl cotton thread, take stitches that are a quarter-inch long on the top of the quilt and about a sixteenth of an inch on the bottom. It’s much easier to master than fine hand quilting and I really like the look of it.

But just because it is easier to do big stitch instead of traditional hand quilting, doesn’t mean it is any less time consuming, and I’m just not always in the mood for hand work. But I figured a day of watching TV was as good of time as any to get working on it, so I maybe can have it done by my fifth wedding anniversary.

What UFOs do you have hanging out there that you’d like to get finished?

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