Book Review: Creating Celebration Quilts

Celebration Quilts, Cyndi Souder, Schiffer Publishing

Celebration quilts, better known as memory quilts, are meant to commemorate those special moments or people in our lives. Whether you’re remembering a loved one by creating a quilt from their clothing, turning all those race T-shirts into a quilt for the runner in your life or planning a quilt for the baby on the way, quilts often highlight the special events in our lives.

If you’re looking for a pattern to follow, then “Creating Celebration Quilts”┬áis not for you. But if you want the right inspiration to create a unique project to record your memories, then this book is a good place to start.

“Creating Celebration Quilts” by Cyndi Souder is an excellent resource for getting your creative juices flowing about your next celebration quilt. Souder gives tips and tricks for preparing difficult fabrics for quilting, how to incorporate non-fabric artifacts, such as sunglasses, in you quilt, and provides a 10 question worksheet that helps you reign in all your ideas into a focused project.

But what I found most valuable about this project is the peak into Souder’s design process. She shares the create process behind five celebration quilts ranging from a T-shirt quilt to an art quilt. She provides original sketches, her thoughts that ultimately led to the final design and how she executed the original pattern to bring it to life.

I particularly enjoyed the story behind the cover quilt, a wall quilt that included 166 bow ties that belonged to the late Deputy Director of the Hirshhorn Museum and Modern Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C. I spent a summer interning in D.C. in college and spent my weekends going to all the museums. The Hirshhorn was one of my favorites. I wasn’t a quilter then, but the colors just drew me in. When I look at Mentor, Guru and Sage Quiltet by Cyndi Souder, I see the Hirshhorn. It’s a work of art all in itself.

If you’re planning a memory or celebration quilt, that you’d like to bring to the next level, instead of just following a pattern, I highly recommend “Creating Celebration Quilts” by Cyndi Souder.

Quilt Addicts Anonymous was provided a copy of “Creating Celebration Quilts” by Cyndi Souder for review.

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