It’s going to be a sewing weekend!

This weekend I have zero plans. No in-laws to get the house spotless for. No closets I feel the need to organize. No events I need to attend. That means I’m sewing all weekend.

It’s been a while since I spent the weekend at my machine and besides a quick clean of the house and laundry, I intend to do just that. And it is coming just in time. Sewing relaxes me and let’s just say I’m in need of that right now.

First up is prepping a secret quilting project for the longarm. I’ve got an appointment tomorrow morning to finish a quilt, and it needs a little work before I can load it on. I promise I’ll share more once it is finished and gifted.

cloth diapers, PUL

Once I get back from the longarm, it’ll be back to cloth diaper prep work. I have 12 more linings to cut out and then I’m ready to attach the Velcro to all the diapers, a task I think I can complete on Saturday.

Then Sunday will be for quilting. The border fabric arrived for my Block of the Month quilt and I’d like to get that on as well as work on the April blocks.

I may even get started on the crib skirt. We’ll see how far I get on the other projects.

Hopefully I can stay on task and have lots of progress to report to you all next week. ¬†What’s on your weekend sewing agenda?

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