Quilting, crime and Christian lit come together in ‘Hidden in the Stars’

Hidden in the Stars, book review, Quilts of Love, Robin Caroll, Abingdon Press

Following a brutal attack that killed her mother and stole her voice, Sophia Montgomery begins to unravel a mystery about her mother’s past and a discovers a quilt that holds the key to catching her mother’s killers before they return for her.

“Hidden in the Stars” by Robin Caroll opens with Sophia waking up in the hospital after her mother’s killers left her for dead. Recovering from  near strangulation, she is unable to speak. With the help of a lip reader she is able to communicate her memories of the attack with detective Julian Frazier. At first her memories are sparse, just two men speaking Russian, asking her mother where it was, and torturing her in an attempt to get the information.

Julian takes the case personally, not just because he believes the killers will come back for Sophia if he doesn’t catch them first, but also because he has an undeniable attraction to Sophia. An attraction she reciprocates, but is too afraid to show because she believes his kindness is just part of the job.

As Julian investigates the case and Sophia’s memories return, it becomes clear that a quilted wall hanging made from costumes Sophia’s mother wore as a prima ballerina in the Russian Ballet, are the key to solving the murder.

“Hidden in he Stars,” has a little bit of everything: crime, blackmail, a love story, a strong female lead character, a faith element and of course quilting. You won’t find anything too deep about the novel, but it is a fast, fun read that is perfect for a lazy weekend or a trip to the beach.

The book is part of the Quilts of Love series, a collection of 25 novels from Abingdon Press. The books cover multiple genres and are all written by different authors with the only common threads being a quilt at the center of the story line and Christian values interlaced through the plot line.

A copy of “Hidden in the Stars” by Robin Caroll was provided for review by Abingdon Press.

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