Calypso Kaleidoscope – 2015 Block of the Month pattern reveal

It’s time to unveil the 2015 Block of the Month quilt. Next year’s BOM will be sponsored by Moda Fabrics. I will be using the new Calypso Batiks line, which should be arriving at quilt shops near you this month, and Moda Bella solids in black as the neutral.

I’m calling the pattern Calypso Kaleidoscope after the line because this design reminds me of looking through a kaleidoscope as a kid. Just like the 2014 Block of the Month, I will be releasing free printable instructions through Craftsy and video tutorials on YouTube. Also just like last year we’ll just be making a few blocks each month with easy-to-follow instructions that make this quilt very easy. Really, it just looks fancy because it is set on point and the solid black sets off the bright, bold batiks. But you don’t have to tell your quilter friends that. You can just let them think you made an award winning quilt.

One difference is the new pattern will come out on the first Monday of the month. Now that I have a baby that needs my attention all the time, it is almost impossible to get the videos produced on a weeknight. So check back on January 5, 2015 for the instructions for the center blocks. I can’t wait to get started!, free block of the month 2015, Calypso kaleidoscope, Moda Calypso Batiks

Fabric requirements

Click here to download a printable PDF of the fabric requirements with fabric swatches.

Finished quilt 108 inches square

Moda Bella Solids
9900 99 – 10.25 yards
Calypso Batiks
4332 14 – .5 yard
4332 21 – .25 yard
4332 24 – .5 yard
4332 25 – 1 yard
4332 27 – .25 yard
4332 29 – .5 yard
4332 31 – 1.5 yard
4332 34 – 1 yard
4332 37 – 1 yard
4332 41 – .25 yard
4332 42 – .25 yard
4332 43 – 1 yard
4332 44 – .5 yard
4332 46 – 1 yard
4332 49 – .5 yard


  • Reply Carol Capp

    i may have to try this one. What is the finished size?

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      It will be 108 inches square. I updated the page to include the finished size, since I’m sure there will be plenty more people with the same question!

  • Reply Bev Ver Steegh

    Will there be a fabric bundle available?

  • Reply Marion Bryant-Parsons

    How do you subscribe to receive your weekly newsletter etc, if you don’t have any of the accounts you have in the spot on your blog for subscribe? I would like to subscribe to your weekly newsletter.
    Marion Bryant-Parsons

  • Reply Marilyn Robichaud

    I just love this new 2015 quilt top. I think I may make this one too. Hope I can get the required batiks, etc. Thanks a lot, Marilyn

  • Reply Susan L. Westfall

    I am also interested in purchasing a kit if and when one is available.

  • Reply anita legasse

    love the colors in this quilt and will try to make it with you. when is the starting date for it and where do I get the fabric. It’s not easy for me to get to a quilt shop to buy the fabric, can it be ordered in the quantities for this project or do I need to buy 1 yard if only 1/3 yard is needed?

  • Reply Tammy Frietsch

    This is beautiful! Is the 10 yards of solid all used for the top, or is some of it for the backing?

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      The 10.25 yards is for the top and binding. This is a king-sized quilt, so you need a lot of fabric! The Moda Bella solids are less expensive than prints, so that will help keep the cost down.

  • Reply Judy

    can a Print link be imbedded in this fabric listing so we can print it? And will a Kit be made available?

  • Reply Lin Sunderland

    This looks wonderful. I am really looking forward to making it.

  • Reply Susan

    This looks beautiful. I have lots of nice solids. Do you think I can use them instead of the batiks?

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      Solids would also work for this pattern as long as there is enough contrast between the solid fabric color and the black background.

  • Reply Dianne

    Love this quilt. I see another block of the month in my future. Thanks for taking the time for us. With a baby it can’t be easy. Thanks again.

  • Reply Deborah Thompson

    This is stunning – a real eye catcher.
    Thank you for this – I look forward to following along.
    A kit would be lovely if possible.

  • Reply Margaret

    OMGEEE, this is an absolutely beautiful quilt, and YES, I want to sign up!!!

  • Reply Sheila

    Love this! Please allow me to sign up to be able to create something so very beautiful! 🙂

  • Reply Lindsay Pugh

    This is a beautiful quilt and I’d love to join in. I’m thinking about changing up some of the colors so that it will match our master bedroom. Excited!

  • Reply Debbie

    loved the one in 2014….this one is awesome

  • Reply Deborah Flibotte

    I can hardly wait this is so beautiful ty

  • Reply Deena Harper

    I live in a small town and I will have to order the fabric. Can you tell where I might be able to order the fabric needed for the project?

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      I chose the line partly because it was beautiful and partly because it was supposed to be out in December. But as many of you are finding, the yardage does not appear to be available at any online fabric retailers yet.
      I’m working on some solutions for you all. First you can click here, to find a quilt shop near you that carries the line or should be getting it soon. If you don’t live near a quilt shop, you can always ask a quilt shop to mail it to you and they’d probably be happy to. I am also working with my local quilt shop to see if they can put together kits. They are looking into it and should have more information later this week.

  • Reply Kelly Montgomery

    Hello, Is there a way you could have the Moda numbers correspond with the color it represents?

    Thank you. I look forward to making this quilt.

  • Reply Tracy Volansky

    Ok, so I found the Moda Calypso Batiks are available in yardage at I hope it’s OK that I posted their site.
    The only print missing from the fabric line-up is the 4332-29 (violet floral batik) from your list. Since I don’t see a decent substitute by Moda, I’ll wait and check back later to see if they get it in.
    Hope that helps!


  • Reply Mary Jones

    I would love to sign up for this BOM. Love it.
    I tried to use the pdf link to print the fabric requirements but it did not work.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

  • Reply Audrey Hale

    Hi Stephanie, I was able to download the picket fence instructions ,, but now not able to carry on with the rest of the pattern .. I may have forgotten my sign in .. thought it was the same as for Crafty ,. how do I continue with this wonderful pattern …
    thanks for you help
    I love this pattern .. and have the batiks to continue ..

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      I am sorry you are having issues. You do not have account registered to the email address you used to comment with. You need to create one in order to download any patterns from this website. You have two options. You can create one when you check out. Or you can click on the My Account tab at the top of each page and create one.

      By creating an account, the website knows to email you your pattern after you check out and it saves your pattern PDFs under the My Account tab just in case you need them again later. If you have any questions, please email me at

  • Reply Margaret Dukes

    How many total months will there be for the Calypso Kaleidoscope quilt BOM?

  • Reply Patricia

    This is the most jacked up website I’ve ever tried to access a quilt pattern. I accident was able to download the 2015 BOMs for January, March, April, and May. But I’ve been trying for hours to download February and June. Since I noticed others having the same problems, why not just send out all the patterns by email to us. Also, will there be a pattern available, either free or available for purchase, in the near future so that we don’t have to go thru this craziness of trying to download something that won’t cooperate. I really do like your quilt pattern and want to make one of my own.

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      I am sorry you are having issues. There is a very small, but vocal percentage of people who do not find the check out system intuitive. Of those who comment or email, the vast majority find the website easy to use once I help them trouble shoot their issues. It usually is something simple that is going wrong. You should just have to add the patterns you want to your cart, check out (it’s free for the BOM patterns) and then an email will be sent to you automatically with the download links. If the email doesn’t arrive, check your junk folder or you can go to the “My Account” tab at the top of the page and all your patterns are stored there.

      As far as emailing patterns, that just is not feasible. There are close to 25,000 people who have downloaded these patterns. Multiply that by twelve blocks and two years and that’s 600,000 emails I would have to send every time someone wants a pattern. If you continue to have issues, please feel free to email me the specifics and I will help you figure them out. My email is

  • Reply debbie_willhite

    I came across your website recently. Tried to buy the kit from the site you posted, site is no longer working. Any ideas? I’ve gone to different sites, can’t get all the fabrics.

  • Reply Patti Trantham

    I can’t seem to login. Username pattitrantham or What happened? I maybe messing up my password. Can you help me?


  • Reply Merrypal1

    Good luck to you, I would like to see you succeed.

  • Reply annee

    I still love this calypso, but can’t find all the material, now I know it is because some of it isn’t being made anymore. How do I go about getting the same general effect with something else. Will different shades of something other than batiks work? Thinking, thinking here. Still checking though I don’t give up easy.

    Thanks for all you do and all the fun.

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      I am actually working with a fabric company to create a replacement kit. I hopefully will be able to take pre-orders within a week and the kits will be available in August. Look for an email from me very soon.

  • Reply annee

    Oh sorry, was reading down thru the comments and see my question was alread answered. I need to finish reading all the comments now and see if anyone asked how many different blocks will there be. I keep getting ahead of myself.

  • Reply Leann Stites

    I love this pattern. I have a bunch of jelly rolls in the same color range. Is this pattern jelly roll friendly? I’ve promised myself not to buy more fabric until I use up some of my growing stash pile.


  • Reply Felicia

    Hi Stephanie,
    I’m in the process of preparing the quilt label for my quilt and wanted to know what is the name of the 2015 BOM quilt.

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      It is called Calypso Kaleidescope, the Quilt Addicts Anonymous 2015 Block of the Month.

  • Reply TobySmall

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