January Block of the Month

Here we go! I am so excited to make this quilt. There are new techniques, time-saving tricks and tips to improve your accuracy. If you followed along in 2014, then you’ll notice some new block units in January’s design. We’ll be learning how to make picket fence units that waste less fabric than traditional construction methods.

I’m also very excited to be using the Calypso Batik line from Moda. I designed the quilt to feature as many fabrics as possible from this stunning line. I chose the line partly because it was beautiful and partly because it was supposed to be out in December. But as many of you are finding, the yardage does not appear to be available at any online fabric retailers yet.

I’m working on some solutions for you all. First you can click here, to find a quilt shop near you that carries the line or should be getting it soon. If you don’t live near a quilt shop, you can always ask a quilt shop to mail it to you and they’d probably be happy to. I am also working with my local quilt shop to see if they can put together kits. They are looking into it and should have more information later this week.

This blog and the Block of the Month has grown much faster than I ever anticipated. Thank you for being patient as I work through some of the growing pains.

And on the new mom, balancing a blog note. I managed to make the tutorial with only one meltdown from my daughter, the beginnings of which you hear on the video. She chose this weekend to decide naps weren’t really all that important, which makes filming slightly difficult when you have a husband who works weekends. But we made it through thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which was paused every time I hit “record” on the camera.

Just click here to download your free printable instructions for this block.

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  • Reply Gertrud Konrad

    Hi, ein sehr schöner Quilt. Bitte um monatlichen Newsletter
    Danke Ihre Gertrud

  • Reply Alyce

    I have been trying to download the january block of the month, You asked for my e-mail address and a password. Well I forgot my password. there is no place where I could create another one.

  • Reply Judy N

    Is Craftsy going to carry the Moda line as a class kit or????
    Are we going to receive a complete fabric chart, listing, yardage so we can purchase bundles or yardage?

  • Reply Natascha

    I am so ecstatic about Craftsy and the ideas of learning I have moved and find it so hard to find a place I can relate to and enjoy my experiences…I find sitting at home with my pets doing things in my own pace is wonderful…I am going to try to get stuck into this….just to help my skills I have many classes this year to improve and learn this is just awesome!…..Thank you too for taking the time of your hours to show us….I so appreciate this.

  • Reply Tammy Frietsch

    Kona cotton also comes in 60″ width. How many yards do you think we would need of the black if we got the wider product? I think in square inches, the 60″ is about 1/3 more per yard, so that would work out to about 8 yards. Does that sound right to you, or is there a reason this would be a bad idea? I know directions often say to cut the strips WoF, but I was thinking of taking the borders off the yardage to begin with, which would probably bring the fabric down to 44″ inches.

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      Tammy, without doing the math for each section of cutting instructions I really couldn’t say.

  • Reply Dona Wells

    I am a newcomer to quilting and find your blocks of the month excellent projects. Your videos are very explicit and easy to follow. I would love to download the instructions but for some reason I can download the finished square, but not the instructions. I then have to return to the video to complete the project. Can you suggest any way I can download the written pattern instructions so I can refer to them while I am sewing? Thank you so much for all your help. Dona

  • Reply Marilyn Robichaud

    I just downloaded the January block 2015 and it is now accepting my old password. Thanks a lot for the trouble.

    Is this pattern jelly roll friendly?

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      I’m glad you figured it out! And no, it is not jelly roll friendly.

  • Reply Grace Breitkreuz

    I have ordered the quilt kit but would definitely like the material pictured from the Moda Calypso line-let me know if this is what I will be receiving, thanks so much, Grace

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      Yes you are one of the first 30 to order so you will get the Calypso Batik kit! Thank you for your purchase.

  • Reply Tracy Volansky

    I have downloaded January’s BOM pattern and was wondering which fabrics you used for those blocks? I also want to ask if in the future you can you can reference the Moda batkis used by name or by number, so we use the correct fabric in the correct place.
    I have received all the batiks,and want to get started, but wasn’t sure which fabrics you used, since the pattern on Craftsy just references pink, blue, etc.
    Thanks for the clarification!

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      It sounds like you downloaded the January pattern for 2014. Here is the link to the 2015 January block pattern.

  • Reply Tracy Volansky

    Yup. That’s exactly what I did! Now I feel like a moron! LOL

  • Reply Margaret Duncan

    I am interested in your 2015 block of the month

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