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I’ve got a great giveaway for you all today courtesy of Schiffer Publishing. They are giving away a copy of “World War I Quilts,” the latest book from Sue Reich that chronicles the history of quilts made during the early 20th century to ease the hardships of the Great War, as it was then known, and multiple pandemics that caused widespread death across the world. Here’s the description from Schiffer:

Quiltmaking in the 1910s can be best described as the convergence of the quilt styles of the late nineteenth century with the new innovations of the early twentieth century. One phenomenon of the era was the emergence of major entrepreneurial quilt designers and the exciting fresh look in quilts they contributed to the quilt world. Two catastrophic events in 1917 and 1918 interrupted the emergence of these new trends in quiltmaking. World War I, also referred to as the “Great War” and the 1918 Pandemic Flu, also known as “The Spanish Flu” brought hardship and death to America, and the entire world. Much of the quiltmaking from April 1917 to March 1919, was mostly focused solely on providing for our soldiers and the Red Cross. With their quiltmaking skills, women contributed thousands of quilts for one of the greatest benevolent efforts of the twentieth century.

To enter for a chance to win “World War I Quilts” by Sue Reich, comment below with the last quilted item you made and donated to a worthy cause. You must comment by midnight CST on Sunday, February 8, 2015. Good luck!

P.S. If you just have to have this book and don’t trust your odds of winning. You can purchase it on Schiffer Publishing’s website by clicking here.

And the winner is … Kim Terrell. Kim and her quilting group at church made 20 quilts for the Franklin Graham Disaster and Rescue Mission that gives quilts to victims of tornadoes and floods. They also made prayer bears for children.

Thank you to everyone who entered. You all do some great work.

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  1. Two to three times each month (most recently last Thursday) I work with a group of women at my church to make quilts for Lutheran World Relief. The quilts are distributed all around the world. I am also currently working on both a Quilt of Valor and a Project Linus blanket.

  2. What a lovely giveaway. I donated a dozen blocks to Quilts of Valor and a baby quilt to a local women’s shelter.

  3. Every Tues. I meet with a group at my church. We make quilts for the homeless in our area. We just completed several for vets who are being provided with housing though a local organization.

  4. Oh, would love to receive this book.
    For the past 6-8 years I have been sending 3 quilts to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. A local business man gets in contact with the troops commander and lets the people in the neighborhood know then we get up items to make their Christmas away from home a bit nicer.
    This year I ask a neighbor to help as the boys that were adopted are going to be out in the field without support of a nearby base. So she had 12 Dbl. knit tops that she made in the 80’s. I quilted them out and off they went. Only requirements were that they fit in a large priority mailbox. Had to sit on them to get all in, but got them in there.

  5. I haven’t given any quilted objects away yet but have done many pillowcases for Conkerr cancer. My favorite museum is the WWI museum in Kansas City.

  6. I made a quilt for a retired smokejumper. He had spent 13 years of his life jumping out of airplanes deep into the forest to be on the frontlines fighting forest fires to save our forest that we might enjoy them.
    He has dementia but one thing he enjoys and remembers vividly is his days fighting the fires.
    I used some of the Tshirts that he got from each campaign he fought and then with the aid of the internet found the decals of the districts he worked in and enlarged them to put on the quilt. Then found images of DC-3 airplanes, enlarged them and put one in each corner of the quilt. Also made my own tree designs and added that to the quilt. It was given to him at a party – there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

  7. I have made several quilts in my life. The latest I’ve made are the Postage Stamp quilt designs. Although, my recent project is making hand-stitched hexies (hexagons) creating my own design. It is turning out quite nicely and I have found hand-stitching each “patch” to be quite relaxing and soothing to my soul. My mom passed away recently and the hand-stitching has healed me in many ways. Quilting has been my hobby for 40 years!

  8. Beautiful book! Thanks for the chance. The last quilt I donated was to Teen & Adult Challenge. If your not familiar, please check them out! A faith based rehab program that has the best success rates!

  9. I have 7 quilts to take to my local PROJECT LINUS meeting on Wed..i try to do at least one a week for them and often , I can get 2 done every week for them……….

  10. made a summer quilt that is going to woman’s shelter. Was fun loving it as I as making it. Hope who every gets It fells the love.

  11. I participated in a swap where the recipient of the quilt that I was making planned on sending it to a charity.

    Before that I did a couple of smaller quilts for donation for my guild’s charity program.

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  12. I made 4 memory wall hangings for my 4 nieces and my daughter as a Christmas present. They were made from my mothers nightgowns and indivualized them with a saying that had meaning to each of them. I have not as yet donated any quilts but think it is a wonderful idea. As my quilting skills improve I will donate some quilts.

  13. I would love a copy of this book. So far this year I have completed 5 quilts for the neo-natal department of a local hospital.

  14. For the past 2 yrs. I’ve been quilt making for a local hospital’s pediatric unit.
    I make lap size quilts for the cancer support group at a church.
    The most recent quilting was a special project for a family who’s mom passed away. I longarmed quilted 7 quilts for the project…whew
    I’d love to win the book!

  15. I have only made a couple of wall hanging size quilts (still a newbie), so I haven’t made anything for charity yet, but I plan to.

  16. The last charity quilt I made was for our soldiers. Our guild made over 100 to donate, and I think most went to Walter-Reed in MD. Thanks for a chance to win! I’m saving up Civil War fabrics, so that book would be perfect!!

    1. Sorry, I read the email wrong! I AM saving up Civil War fabrics for a quilt, but a WWI quilt would be awesome, too!!! Thanks again!

  17. The last quilt I donated was with our quilt guild. We made a sports quilt and donated it to a handicap living center member in Dixon IL. They sent us pictures with the resident and his family said he was very happy with it. sewpatsy1@comcast.net.

  18. I belong to the quilt ministry at our church and we recently had a quilt retreat where everyone made a strip quilt and they were all (20) donated to the Franklin Graham Disaster and Rescue Mission where the quilts will be given to people who have lost their homes due to tornado’s, floods, etc. We also donate prayer bears for the children. We make prayer quilts for anyone who is in need of prayer and they are all made up from what we give of ourselves.

  19. I make quilts with my guild’s charity group. There is an IKEA bag of tied quilts, ready for binding, waiting to go to tomorrow’s guild meeting. I am hoping to find some binding volunteers there.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. On Friday, I finished the 8th and last top that would fit in the box to mail to American Hero Quilts on Vashon Island, Washington. I make these all the time because I come from a military family, for generations, and I want to do something to comfort the wounded and weary and grieving. I would absolutely love a copy of this book. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  21. I make Baby Quilts for OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City and deliver them once every 6 month. So I am always working on projects for them.

  22. I pieced a group quilt that our bible study group did. We each made counted cross stitch blocks. I did the sashing, borders and binding. It was sold in a raffle that generated over $400 to support a Compassion International child.

  23. I am just learning how to quilt. I found 6 quilt blocks my Mother had made before she passed away. I took them and made them into quilted wall hangings and gave them to my two brothers, my sister and my two daughters.
    I really enjoy quilting and hope to get better at it so I can do more with them.

  24. The last item I made and donated was a quilts for kids. I enjoy making these quilts because I know they are comforting for children in the hospital. I have 3 more quilts for Quilts for Kids in process and a quilt for auction for Bikers Against Child Abuse to auction in their annual poker run. Thanks for this opportunity.

  25. i have only been quilting for a little over a year and I have not made any quilts for donation yet. I have been busy making quilts for my 10 grandkids!!
    I want to make lap quilts for the 22 residents at the AFC home that my dad was at for his last years. They were so good to him and our family.

  26. I recently returned a quilt to Expressions in Threads in LeClaire for the Linus Project. It was a nine patch with sashing all around. Quilted by stitching in the ditch. Also did a crib quilt for the Binky Patrol last fall.

  27. I donated a puzzle quilt to our local school autism coop to use for fundraising for their summer camp. It was a lot of fun to make, but challenging.

  28. I made a baby quilt along with a basic layette for a woman in Russia who couldn’t afford things for her baby. But, growing up in a missionary family, I was also on the recieving end of a quilt as a child– we visited a church once soon after returning to the USA, and I remember the ladies pulling us into a room full of quilts and other things they’d made and telling us to pick anything we’d like. For me, feeling displaced and away from home, that quilt was a great comfort, in all it’s polyester and flannel goodness! I still have it.

  29. I made a music themed quilt and donated it to an auction to support the orchestra program at Katy High School. Funds raised are used to defray costs for students in the program.

  30. I haven’t quilted anything to give away (as I’m a newbie) but I do give knitted & embroidered & counted cross-stitch baby throws,baby layettes,jumpers & especially knitted tiny beanies to give to people who would never get anything hand-made before. Usually they are young relatives of friends who these articles are given to. The most fulfilling part is the replies by these friends when they say that the items are treasured & only usually used for “good” outings etc. One cot sized Winnie the Pooh is so treasured because when she placed it on her baby’s pram people would ask where did she get that beautiful shawl from and as a stranger to the town people would stop to talk. That’s the reason to do it ,to give pleasure to others. I’d love the WW1 quilt books as my grandfather,British, met his new bride in London during a furlong from the front in France. She had been a young Jewish refugee & they migrated to Australia after the war to start a new life & family together.
    Marion Bryant-Parsons, Victoria ,Australia

  31. I help with quilts for the “Naked Baby Project” that provides blankets for infants born in the Cape Flats area of Cape Town, South Africa. Hospitals and clinics in the Cape Flats report that mothers are having babies and are unable to afford baby clothing and blankets and in documented cases babies have been sent home wrapped in a plastic sheet from the birthing table. This is a wonderful organization that helps both the infant and the mother with blankets, care packages, and clothing.

    Thank you for the wonderful give away. I would love to have a copy of the book. Candy L

  32. Our small quilt group makes and donates quilts to our local hospital’s chemo ward. It feels good to give back because I am a breast cancer survivor and sitting in that chemo chair is difficult not to mention that it’s usually cold in there! Three of us in our 10 person group have had breast cancer. We couldn’t believe it! When we deliver these quilts we three show the cancer patients that they can beat it and the fight is soooo worth it!

  33. Would love to win this book, my grandfather served in WWI and I would like to make a tribute quilt. Quilt to Hyde Park Transitional Housing Project (homeless families) and baby blankets to Stroger Hospital Chicago. Thanks for opportunity

  34. I just started quilting and have only made 4 quilts for family members, but I am a part of an organization that spreads awareness and has several events on human trafficking and we recently started a ministry to help women who are in strip clubs where we have trained women that go to the clubs and show love to the women there. We make baked goods and give them many things and I really want to make them some beautiful quilts.

  35. I am working on my very first quilt, so I don’t have a history of making them yet. However, locally we have a program of making blankets for children in distress (such as children needing emergency medical attention, fire or accident survivors, etc.) and in need of something to cling to cope and have donated numerous blankets to that and plan to keep doing so with quilted blankets I am making, instead.

  36. The most recent quilt donation I’ve done is teaching basic quilting to a local Girl Scout Cadette troop (my neighbor is troop leader). We taught the girls basic sewing skills (only 2 of 11 had ever sewn before, sadly) and how to make quick tied lap quilts to donate to our local nursing home. We made 16 quilts before the holidays and have plans to make more this spring. The girls have already asked me to teach them more about quilting, so it’s a win-win all around !

  37. I would really enjoy the book….and I think the quilters in my family would as well. Thank you for the “chance”!

  38. I am just learning to quilt and am hoping to better my skills so I can donate quilts to local pediatric hospitals to give to patients. I used to work in a peds Emergency Det. and the kids who were going to be admitted to the hospital loved receiving a handmade quilt or blanket and pillowcase. This book looks really interesting- I hear very little about the quilts made during this era, would love to learn more!

  39. The last quilted item I made for charity was a baby quilt for Quilts for Kids. I love this charity that donates hand pieced quilts to kids who are hospitalized. My local chapter did a good job of keeping us informed of where the quilts ended up and it always made me feel so wonderful! I’ve since moved and have yet to find another chapter…. I’ll be doing some more searching.

  40. I made and gave 2 quilts to Project Linus and 5 quilts for Injured Soldiers which has long been my favorite project as a veteran myself.
    Thank you so much, Helen

  41. The last thing that I made and donated was a baby quilt to a friend of my daughters, who didn’t have anything for her new baby.

  42. Last month, I lead a workshop for my quilt guild where I taught everyone how to make a fast and easy twin size bed quilt. So far, we have produced 12 quilts to be donated to a young men’s rehab center. Next Saturday, the work will continue. I enjoy donating my time teaching, making and long arming quilts for many of the guild’s charities.

  43. The last quilted item I donated was a child’s quilt which my quilt group sends to the children’s hospital to help brighten the day of some really sick kids.

  44. JMade quilts for children that have been removed from there home by CPS. To add a little comfort for them in time j

  45. I’ve not made any specific quilt for a worthy cause but I have made quilts for my daughters, family and friends, as they are a very worth cause to me. I most recently made a quilt for my 8yr old Granddaughter, whom I love dearly, for her birthday. I love to quilt and will continue to give to those I love. If this doesn’t qualify me, I understand, but wanted to enter any way.
    Thank you.

  46. I am making lap quilts for all the women over 70 in our church and those who are going through hard times of health, spiritual or family problems. the last I made this week was for a lady who just had heart surgery and one whose husband committed suicide. Now I am working on one for a little lady who is in the hospital for breathing and heart problems. I use this as my ministry because I can’t do a lot myself anymore due to health problems so this is my way of helping others.

  47. A coworker passed away and i have made a quilt top from some of her fabrics for a local charity group – nice to think that her fabrics are keeping someone warm!

  48. I’m quite the novice at this but am learning. I’ve not made anything suitable to donate yet but am striving to get there.

  49. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of WWI Quilts. My latest donation was a wonderful lap quilt for a very deserving cancer patient.

  50. I haven’t joined a guild, and haven’t donated a quilt yet. I intend to! I made quilts for my son and his children, now to focus on making quilts for others outside the family.

  51. I am new to quilting and haven’t donated a quilt yet, but I have made my twin nephews each 2 quilts. One for when they were born and also one for there 2nd Christmas. I love giving away my handmade items. Recently, I learned of a quilting group at a local church, that I plan on checking out. They make things for local rescue agencies.
    Thanks for this giveaway.

    1. Sorry, I worded that wrong. I donated the 1st quilt I made to the nursing home, and I need to quilt the next one, which is also heading there. I’m a new quilter so this will be only the 4th quilt I have made 🙂

  52. I meet with a quilting group every Monday and on the third Monday of the month we work on quilts for mission possible. Who distribute the quilts and toys to those in need. We help out with the assemble of the quilts making the blocks and we each do different process that are needed to complete them.
    I myself am a hand patchworker and quilt as I find handwork is very therapeutical. I do basic machine quilting and piecing but with the encouragement of my new friends I am beginning to make quilts on the machine. I also like making traditional and sampler blocks and quilts.

  53. Very Interesting book and I bet these quilts are fun to do. Just learning to quilt and loving it more each time I do
    my new projects. Have not done a large quilt yet but that is in the future once I decide on one. Thanks!


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