February Block of the Month

Some fun behind the scenes news. I got new lights for shooting the video tutorials. That means really clear video for you, and I can shoot at night after the baby goes to sleep. I hope you enjoy this month’s tutorial.

This month we are making eight blocks. It is the most we’ll make in one month for the entire year. Most months we’ll just be making four, 12-inch blocks. We’ve got nine different fabrics and three different piecing techniques this month, so there’s lots to learn. You can download your free printable instructions by clicking here. They include fabric swatches so you know exactly which ones to use and how much to cut.

As always, thanks for following along and happy quilting!

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  1. I’m very confused. This is the first time I’ve done BOM. I don’t see the pattern that is supposed to be downloaded. Help, please?


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