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BOM 2014

I pulled my 2014 BOM off the longarm earlier this week. There’s still a TON of work to do on it before the big reveal on here (binding, label, hiding threads). But I couldn’t resist showing you a sneak peak of the quilting.

Before loading this quilt on the frame it had been a year since I last worked on the longarm. Having a kid will get in the way of your normal activities like that. So my first couple of hours were spent just getting comfortable again. By the middle of the quilt I really did feel like I had gotten back into my groove again.

Since this is a block of the month quilt, I felt I needed to treat each quilt block differently to accentuate the differences in the design. That said, I repeated several motifs throughout the quilt. There is a meander in all the neutral fabrics, lots of swirl variations and several curved lines in between the points of triangles.

In order to quilt each block individually, I first had to stitch in the ditch around each block to stabilize it. That was quite the chore, but by the end I was actually able to stitch a straight line without a guide. That meant I got A LOT of practice.

Block of the Month

I really pulled out all the stops in the center of the quilt. I had a lot of fun creating a fern-looking motif in the large triangles with little curved tentacles at the end. The fern leaves meet back at the spine, making the construction similar to a feather. Choosing that design was part of my grand plan to eventually master the free motion feather. Practice, practice, practice.

With quilts like these, I almost prefer looking at them from the back because all the work I put into free motion quilting each block individually really stands out. Now if I can just find some time to hide all those threads and sew about 400 inches of binding on by hand…

Block of the Month 2014


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  1. Have been trying to get one of your patterns off your site. It requires me to log in, but where do I join and set up a password. Cannot find a link anywhere on your site to join.


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