Utilizing vertical space in a small sewing room

iron hanger

My sewing room is a tiny eight by 12 feet. At that size it is critical that I not only take advantage of each square foot of floor space, but also the vertical space.

You might not think of your walls as potential storage for sewing items, but that’s what I’m doing in my sewing studio. I’ve already spruced up a thread storage rack and mounted it to the wall to create thread storage that is functional, a space saver and attractive to look at.

iron hanger

Next up was installing a wall mount for my ironing board. When designing the room, I specifically left space for the iron to fit to the side of the hutch I painted to match the color scheme of the room. I picked up this wall mount years ago at some big box store in the laundry section. It attaches to the wall with screws and has space to hold the ironing board, iron, spray starch and spray baste.

I prefer it to a drop down ironing board that attaches to the wall because this way I can move the iron around the room depending on where it is most convenient to press. And with an modern ironing board cover that matches the color scheme of the room, something else I’ve had for years, it fits in with the decor to create cohesion.

I still have a few more pieces to add before the transformation is complete, but this space definitely feels like it is my own and I love working in it.

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  1. Love what you have done so far. I have a small room as well and it is 9 by 10 and I have a lot of stuff send my sewing machine has an extension on the table which I can fall down. I have two smaller closets across the 9′ wall and 2 tall bookshelves and I am going to put one of the shelves in my closet for my fabric, it will fit perfect. I will also utilize the wall space I have.
    Best of luck in finishing your room.

  2. It is so nice to find your site. I love the BOM quilts and look forward to making my own. I have been quilting a long time so to find sites that refresh my skills like this one keeps my machines humming. I’m looking forward to frequenting your site. I’m so happy that you have posted the ad for Alex Andersons line of thread. I use it and it is so smooth and just the right sheen. Melts into seams like butter and stands out in quilting beautifully.
    I will be sending you a picture of my use of vertical space. I had a 9′ x 3′ corner available to me. I placed a counter top on an old cabinet in that corner, some thread racks and a ruler rack in the wall, and it really has worked very well. Giving hope to our space challenged sewing addicts out there
    Quilting addict in Grafton, OH

  3. I am moving my sewing room from upstairs to the main floor due to bad knees. My room is 11×11 and I know you may think that is big. I have a door then design wall on left side and 11 ft x 9 feet of shelving and a clothes closet. Every single thing I have has to fit on those shelves and closet. My husband took up the rug and is installing wood flooring. The space between the windows has to be a table for cutting and ironing and my sewing cabinet. I hope and pray I can fit around all the needs I have in the room. I think the only space to walk will be 2’X3′ when all is said and done. Nervous to say the least but happy it was my husbands idea. Luv him

  4. I don’t know the size space of my room, but it’s not large, I use my dining room because I don’t have a table for it to go into.

    However, I will note I to also use vertical space, but for my door, I used a over the door hanger for the ironing board and iron holder, and the other side of the door also has a hanger (it leads into the kitchen) but it is a door that can be opened and closed I made a holder for rolls out of vinyl fabrics. I attached it to several door hangers, and now it’s quite easy to just go to the door to get those things easily versus storing them in shelves of a box.

    I like your space, it’s quite nice and some great ideas.


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