How to sew strip sets

I got the idea to shoot this video tutorial when I was helping my mom learn to quilt. I was helping her put together a table runner that required her to make several four-patch units that finished four-inches square.

The instructions told her to cut dozens of 1 1/2-inch squares, then sew them all back together into four-patch units. I took one look at it and told my mom we were going to put it together another way. Instead of cutting the strips into little squares, we first sewed the strips together, then cut them apart.

It was a big time-saving move and it allowed my mom to sew really accurate piecing. Watch the video to learn how you can also save time with strip piecing.

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  1. This is just a suggestion. I would rather have the tutorials in written format so I can print them, not in video format. Video doesn’t help when you are actually sewing.



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