Quilting Wavy Flames for an EASY and FAST Free Motion Quilting Stitch

It’s no secret that I love a custom quilted look, but I don’t always have time for a super involved quilting plan. That was the case this month, so I turned to an old favorite, the wavy line, and customized it to create a quilting stitch that fit my block perfectly.

The block and background of 18 Carat Revisited, our latest Stashin’ with Stephanie design, is filled with pointy bits that I wanted to highlight as much as possible. The columns are also offset so the blocks fit neatly inside each other.

I used the wavy line stitch to highlight those features by bouncing back and forth between the points in the background. Then I created two wavy lines within each pointed strip in the block. Throw in a thread color change and you’ve got a custom look that I was able to finish in an afternoon.

This video covers a little bit of the process, but to take the entire course, check out our 18 Carat Revisited course on Quilt Addicts Anonymous Academy.

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