Allover Echoed Swirls Free Motion Quilting Tutorial! Pixelated Blooms Quilting

Echoed Swirls are my new favorite free motion quilting stitch!

The stitch is exactly like it sounds, a swirl with one or two echoes around it. But this simple stitch really elevates the look of the swirl, making any quilt you use it on look super fancy.

Usually I use it as a background filler, so this is the first time I’ve used is as a allover design and I absolutely love it! The texture it creates is amazing and really made my Pixelated Blooms quilt look beautiful.

In this video I show you how to stitch the allover echoed swirl, keep the scale the same throughout your quilt and move around your quilt effectively to avoid having empty spots that are hard to fill in later.

This is the abbreviated version of the tutorial. To see the full lesson including bonus footage of the real-time footage of me quilting the entire pass, check out our Echoed Swirls Free Motion Quilting Tutorial on Quilt Addicts Anonymous Academy.

It’s our new education website that is filled with more than 100 tutorials and in-depth courses you can take to become a better quilter. You can take this lesson on its own, or as part of a course that also includes the Pixelated Blooms piecing tutorial.

Check them out here …

Allover Echoed Swirl Quilting Course:

Pixelated Blooms Piecing AND Quilting Course:

Buy a quilt kit:

Download the PDF pattern:

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Watch the full commercial-free tutorial on how to quilt it at

Watch a commercial-free video tutorial on how to piece it, plus the full tutorial on how to quilt it at

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