Why we’re not reopening our Brick & Mortar store …

It’s Small Business Saturday, so I thought I’d take a minute to chat about Quilt Addicts Anonymous, how we got to this point and why we’re going to focus on being an online store only going forward.

Like everyone we’ve experienced a lot of changes in the last two years, and have spent a lot of time evaluating how to manage growing a business while maintaining a work-life balance that allows us to be present for our two small kids.

I am really proud of what we’ve created at Quilt Addicts Anonymous. With your support we’ve been able to grow the business to the point where we can fully support my family, a full-time employee and a handful of part time team members.

And we have been able to create a fun work environment with flexibility for everyone, whether its parents trying to juggle work, kids and home, or retirees who want to travel for a few weeks and still have some extra income.

It is all thanks to you supporting us. We appreciate every dollar you spend with us. You truly are Shopping Small when you place your fabric order with Quilt Addicts Anonymous.

So if you’ve got a bit, turn on the video while you sew, and listen to how Quilt Addicts Anonymous went from a blog I wrote in my free time, to a content machine that is always trying your inspire you to grow as a quilter.

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  1. I order the gridwork pdf on Sunday but have not received it. I have tried to make contact with your company via email in reference to my pdf order multiple times . I have not received the pdf and I have done everything that your site states to do. I have not received a response from anyone and your company charged my credit card. I have no other choice but to dispute my order with the bank. Is a shame and I feel like I was scammed. Never had this issues before.


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