How to Fold Quilts to Fit Your Shelves Perfectly!

I folded more than 70 quilts in one day a couple weeks ago as we were getting the new studio up an running and thought you all might enjoy seeing how I fold quilts of all sizes to fit my shelves perfectly.

In the video show you how I fold a lap and a bed sized quilt, both so that they end up the exact dimensions of your shelf so they can look fantastic displayed for all to see.

It really does look stunning when you see all your hard work stacked up with your pretty fabrics on display. It makes a great accent to your living room or sewing room.

Then if you want, you can stick around to watch me fill up the shelves. Don’t worry, our fabulous editor cut it down into a really short montage. But it is pretty crazy how many quilts, and quilt patterns I have!

So watch, enjoy, and get inspired to tackle that New Year’s resolution of getting organized and start folding those quilts.

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