How to store fabric yardage on comic book boards to create mini bolts!

I’ve organized fabric all kinds of ways over the years, but my new favorite for yardage is the comic book storage method, and I show you how to do it in today’s video.

Comic book boards are archival quality, which means they won’t damage your fabric if you store it on the boards for a long period of time. Once the fabric is wrapped around, they look like mini bolts you can store on a bookshelf, which is very aesthetically pleasing.

You can also fit all kinds of fabric on it. In addition to quilting cotton I’ve stored 108″ wide backings, flannel, garment fabrics like, coating wool, knits, even sequins.

I love how this looks and you can absolutely do it too. We are partnering with our local hobby store to be able to bring you comic book boards at a lower price than you’ll find on Amazon. You can grab them here:

You can also grab the alligator clips I used at this affiliate link:

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