‘Sonoma Rose ‘ is in stores today

The 19th Elm Creek Quilts novel, “Sonoma Rose,” by Jennifer Chiaverini is in stores today. I spoke with the author last week about the novel and her plans for the future of Elm Creek Quilts. Here’s links to the posts just in case you missed them: Read Jennifer Chiaverini’s answers to your questions. Read about […]

‘Sonoma Rose’ characters haunted Chiaverini

Rosa Diaz Barclay and Lars Jorgensen haunted Jennifer Chiaverini since she wrote “The Quilter’s Homecoming” five years ago. The couple had been presumed dead until it was revealed they had fled the Arboles Valley, taken on aliases and were running a successful vineyard in California. No longer in need of the farm Rosa abandoned, she […]

‘Sonoma Rose’ characters have an edge

I started reading Jennifer Chiaverini’s new Elm Creek Quilts novel, “Sonoma Rose” last night and couldn’t put it down. I plowed through half of the book before I decided I absolutely had to go to bed if I was going to be of any use today. Part of what has me so enthralled in Chiaverini’s […]

‘Sonoma Rose’ packed with suspense

The air is thick with tension as Rosa’s abusive husband John leaves the house, mistrusting of who his wife might entertain in his absence. The guest that does arrives is not Rosa’s childhood sweetheart and former lover, Lars Jorgensen, but his family’s hired hand Elizabeth Nelson, Sylvia’s cousin, who was the main character of “The […]

‘The Wedding Quilt’ ties up loose ends

I’ve read all of Jennifer Chiaverini’s novels in the Elm Creek Quilts series except “The Union Quilters,” which I just picked up from the library. I’ve loved all of them, so it’s not much of a surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed “The Wedding Quilt,” which goes on sale Tuesday. Warning: There will be a few […]


I spent four glorious days at Quilt Retreat. I really needed the time away because my job has been really stressful recently. I sewed, slept and got a ton of sewing done. But rather than go on about it, I thought I would just share my weekend in Instagram photos. http://instagram.com/p/W72_UJP4V0/ Do you think this […]

$10 antique store find

It’s official. At 13-months-old Angela has her first sewing machine. One of my favorite rainy day activities while on vacation in Shawano, Wisconsin, is visiting antique shops. Usually it is the same stuff year after year. Beer steins, tchotchkes, spoons, more junk than treasures. But occasionally I find something good. This trip it was a […]