#CatsOnQuilts Pet Grooming Glove review – Vlog

I never meant to become a cat owner, but we ended up with one about a year ago. What was supposed to be a temporary stop until we found it a home, turned into a permanent residency.

I am used to owning dogs. My husband and I have had more than half a dozen throughout the years as we have taken in fosters, blind old, challenged, we took them all in and loved them until they found a home.

And I thought dog hair was bad, but it is nothing compared to cat hair. Judging by all of the #CatsOnQuilts posts on Instagram, I have a feeling I am not alone. So I ordered the Delmo Pet Grooming Glove on Amazon, turned on my camera and gave it a try. Hope you guys enjoy!

You can get your own Delmo Pet Grooming Glove at this link (contains affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2KVOi4Z


  • Reply Patricia Ross


  • Reply Bonnie B Wright

    I have a pair of those gloves and my cat, Kya, loves the process. Kya is long-haired and loves to be groomed but the brush was challenging because she thought of it as a toy to be grabbed at so she could eat the fur off it, yuk.
    I think you may have to do it everyday. When you remove the hair from the glove, start in one place and carefully lift and you can get all the hair in one mat. That’s the part I like. I didn’t know about the other side being a lint/hair remover. Mine is different from yours but I’ll give it a try.
    Thank you for your video.

  • Reply Sandee Kustermann

    I have two cats on quilts. I’ve found that changing their food to a raw food diet(frozen, bought at a pet store) has cut down on a lot of shedding. I take my cats on the deck and use a furminater and sit and brush. I take a brown paper bag out there and that’s where I put the hair. We then use a blower to blow off the deck. Birds like the loose hair. I don’t have to do it very often.

  • Reply Karlyn Logel

    Positively an asset to help with cat hair! We have a long hair Siberian cat and use this all the time. Yes, she loves to have her belly rubbed with it and lots of playful bites! Still likes being combed with metal comb, too. The comb actually helps get the last bit of shedding off her coat. We use it at least twice a day and always get piles of cat hair!

  • Reply Carol Bobar

    I have a similar glove. Hint: keep stroking until the glove is VERY full of cat fur then just peel the fur right off. Love your show! Carol B

  • Reply Gillian Knox

    Have used a similar glove on my cat. The glove is most effective if you brush the cat against the way it grows. They love it and it gets rid of more hair, more quickly and efficiently. Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply Sally Groff

    You need a Furminator. They are the best brushes for cats and dogs I’ve found yet. The cats we have (7) love to be brushed with them

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