Labor, sharp objects and my husband

60 More Quick Baby Knits, Cascade Yarns, Staggered Rib Blanket

Occasionally I go to a knitting night at my local yarn shop called the Knaughty Knitters. It’s a fun bunch. There’s usually wine and everyone is always willing to make sure I haven’t screwed something up too badly.

The last time I was there, hugely pregnant finishing a baby sweater, I asked if they thought it was possible to knit in between contractions. The consensus was that labor, sharp objects and my husband was not a good combination.

My fear is that I’m going to be horribly bored. Obviously during active labor that won’t be the case. But thanks to my high blood pressure I’ve had a taste of the waiting. Twice a week for the past two weeks I’ve been strapped to the monitor, only able to get up to go to the bathroom and that alone is enough to make me stir crazy.

It’s pretty likely that I’m going to be induced at some point in the next week-and-a-half and that could also include a pre-inducement drug to get my body ready for labor that takes hours to do its job. And the whole time I will have to be hooked up to a monitor. I’m going to need something to do besides watch TV.

Enter the Staggered Rib Blanket from “60 More Quick Baby Knits.” I picked up the book during my baby sweater knitting craze and have now run out of gender neutral clothing patterns I like, so I’m onto a blanket. Yes, my baby already has five handmade blankets, but who’s counting?

The stitch pattern is very easy. It is just a simple alternation of purl and knit combinations that you don’t have to think to hard about.┬áThat’s what I think will make it the perfect project to help me pass the time during all that waiting.

Plus, this project doubles as my May Knit-a-Long for the yarn shop. With an overnight stay and a long slow labor likely in my future, I might actually finish two Knit-a-Longs in a row and on time. Craziness.

On a side note, I chose this yarn because from the outside it looked like a very gender neutral green. But there’s a whole lot of pink and purple hidden away in the center of the ball. I’m thinking this may be a sign from the yarn gods that I’m having a little girl.


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  1. Labor is a strange state to experience. From my own experience, knitting would have been possible in the early stages, but not after I had entered into the middle stages. The ability to focus on anything outside of labor was lost at that point.

    Take care of yourself and good luck!


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