Giveaway! Enter to win a copy of ‘Quilting with Doilies’

Quilting with Doilies: Inspiration, Techniques, & Projects, Barbara Polston, Schiffer Publishing

Time for another giveaway! Schiffer Publishing is giving away a copy of its latest release, “Quilting with Doilies: Inspiration, Techniques, & Projects” by Barbara Polston.

It would be perfect for anyone who collects antique doilies or has several passed down through the family and are trying to find something to do with them.

Here’s the book description from Schiffer Publishing:

Quilting with Doilies: Inspiration, Techniques, & Projects
By Barbara Polston

Beautiful vintage doilies are given new life in contemporary quilts and sewing projects. Beginning with an explanation of the various types of doilies readily available, 15 quilting projects creatively incorporate them into their design. With 10 patterns and 137 color images, the techniques are clearly demonstrated and explained. They include painted appliqué, machine-embroidered ribbon border trim, no math fabric-changing binding, adding embellishments and words, and tips for working with silk, denim, or upholstery fabric. So get your doilies out of storage and follow along to make a variety of quilts, pillows, holiday stockings, journal covers, and table runners, or be inspired to make your own creative item. This book is perfect for quilters, crafters, and sewers of all skill level.

To enter, leave a comment below about what you’d like to make with your collection of doilies. You have until Friday, February 27 to enter. Good luck!

And the winner is … Brenda Sexton! Brenda’s grandmother used to crochet doilies, never needing a pattern. She is the one who taught Brenda the craft. Congratulations Brenda!

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Comment (160)

  1. I would love to win this book. My mother was a great doily crocheter. I have lots of doilies, runners, dishcloths and other things she has made. She’s 96, so hasn’t been able to do that for a long time. I’m sure she would love seeing some of them used again. Thanks for this great opportunity.

    I love for your blog.

  2. My mother spent most of her life crocheting. Most of hers needed starch to show the poofiness (not a word is it) in them. She would also crochet around bottle caps to make counter hot pads, (though I can’t see those being used in a quilt). I have so many of her dollies that I could changed my end tables every season! I’m sure ” Quilting With Doilies” would show how I could generate her love of crocheting with my love of quilting.

  3. I would have never thought of quilting with doilies. That’s a very creative idea. That would be a great book to have.

  4. This looks like a lovely book with techniques and projects that I’d enjoy doing. I have doilies made by my mother and grandmother, and I’d like to make some myself. “Quilting With Doilies” would offer me a new way to look at quilts and sewing projects.Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  5. My mom is now disabled, but she has sewn and did quilts her whole life, it’s her passion, she still does crafts here and there, I’m trying to push her to get back into it a lot more, and she has all kinds of doilies that she has made over the years, so she would love this!!! Thanks for the amazing opportunity to win this!

  6. I guess I would make Christmas decorations out of them — I’ve never thought about it, I’ve always used doilies as doilies. 🙂

  7. I have several old doilies from my mom I would love to use but am not creative on my own. I would love the book for inspiration.

  8. Oh what a wonderful book. I have a number of doilies my grandmother made. I would love to make decorative pillows for our bed.

  9. What a beautiful way to show off all the Doilies I have been collecting all these years and the ones I was given. Thanks for the give away

  10. I would love some inspiration as what to do with my grandmothers and mothers doilies. I have considered incorporating them in a quilt some way. I would love to win this book!

  11. My Mom is a “doily” addict. She must have 10 large totes full. She takes great pleasure in starching them. I would love to have this book to show her how her collection could be used in quilts for her great grandchildren.

  12. i have lots of doilies my mother crocheted that I would love to put into quilts. Mother quilted also, so she would be especially proud if I could combine her two favorite hobbies. I have never heard of this book or this process, so will be googling it tonight. Janice

  13. I have dollies that my Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma made. I would love to make something that my boys and Grandkids would have. My Mom died when they were infants so they never really new her. Its would be a great way to show them were they came from. I feel the heriage of my family is being lost. Quilts, Dollies these are becoming a lost art.

  14. I have always loved my mom’s doilies. The starch that was put in them to make them stand up I always liked. but a quilt would not do with starch for sure. I have used doilies for end stand coverings. love the look..

  15. Oh I’d love to have this book! I’ve got doilies from all my family members that made them.would love to make some small quilts with several doilies on them to give to my cousins so we all have a little treasure from our loved ones.

  16. I would love to have these patterns.. My mother made doilies all the time and I have wanted to make some for myself..

  17. I have doilies and crochet weddings from pillowcases; many made by my mother.I have wanted to use them in a creative way. I think this book would provide helpful information to these priceless memories.

  18. I have many doilies from my grandma and others that I have contemplated how to display them. I’ve recently finished a quilt I worked on for years, have another one almost done, and another one designed and fabric purchased. I’d love this to be my next quilt with instructions from this book and be able to enjoy treasured memories.

  19. I can just imagine a beautiful table cloth made with doilies……… could anything be prettier than that………….I would love to have this book too, for the guidance I would need it making it…..thanks for offering this neat gift…….

  20. I would love to win this book! I would have great ideas and inspiration to use the beautiful doilies my Mum created for my bedroom dressing table as a child. I could continue to use my heirloom on a beautiful quilt for my bed,And to still have lovely memories of my childhood seeing the beautiful Doiles for many years to come! X☺️

  21. Wow! This book would be a perfect way to display all of my grandmother’s doilies that are hidden in a linen cabinet. This is a wonderful way to preserve the memory of her hours of delicate crochet work. Thank you for coming up with this method of preserving her work for the family and future.

  22. This looks amazing and full of inspiration, I’m new to quilts and sewing but I love the idea and know this book would give me many amazing projects to enjoy!

  23. I would to have the opportunity to make any of your patterns and/or to incorporate them with my own ideas. They would be cherished my me and a great way to pass down an item from my family to future generations.

  24. A quilt in memory of my Mom. She had doilies every where. Already have fabrics of her favorite flowers would love to alternate with doilie squares.

  25. I would love to make a quilt for my beautiful granddaughter using different solid colors behind the doilies. Not sure how, but I imagine your book will give me some good ideas. Thanks in advance!

  26. my wonderful sister-in-law Alice gave me quite a few doilies that have been handed down over a long time still in good condition,I would dearly like to make a heirloom quilt to hand on down to our family of grand and great grand
    kiddies,as they have taken a very big liking to the quilts I have already made for them.

  27. My aunt has a large collection of dollies and wants me to make some type of quilt out of them. I would love to have this book!

  28. I was blessed with nine grandparents
    still living until I was about nine years old.
    And oh what things they taught me.
    Sewing, crocheting, quilting and there
    was all that canning! I would love to
    incorporate the old with the new.

  29. I would love this book. I have a lot of doilies and handkerchiefs that my grandmothers and my mother made. They are all just stuck in a drawer waiting for the right inspiration to come along so I’ll know how to make them useful in a project. Id like to give the women who made them the acknowledgement and credit they deserve. They are crocheted and tatted. They need to be seen, so please help me, inspire me to get them out of hiding and on display in a beautiful project!

  30. My mother had an antiques shop for 35 years & as a result I developed both an appreciation for doilies as well as a hearty supply of doilies of all ages. Because I am a quilter, I have used doilies on a limited basis in my sewing & quilting but with the book, I’m sure I’d be able to be more creative. Please put my name into the pot for your drawing. Thank you, Sandra

  31. My Mom passed away on 12/08/2014 and I will always remember her making doilies and many other items to include clothing. She had such perfect stitches. She taught me how to crochet but it seems that may work was never as well made as hers. Mom never learned to sew and I would love to apply her doilies to a beautiful quilt and have the doilies maintain their beauty. I will probably have to hang the quilt for everyone to see and to protect it.

  32. I have always loved doloies all my life. As a child my mom had them on the tables and they looked so pretty. I would love to win this to put some of my. Great grandmothers do lies on the quilt that would be such a treasure. I pieced my 1st quilt at the age of 8 with my grandmother helping me to match the squares. It was a nine diamond pieced with left over fabric frommy moms sewing our clothes.o sewed the squares by hand and grandmaw was sure that you had ever square to the point or you had to redo it. I havemade several quilts but that first quilt is my favorite. I am 54 soon 55 and o would love to win this. Love all the quilt patterns.

  33. I would love a way to showcase the beautiful doilies and other fine crochet work and tatting that I got from my grandmother and great grandmothers.

  34. It sounds like quite a book. I have doilies from a great grandmother, grandmother, great aunts, mom (who is 94 and still crocheting), myself, and my daughters and now my granddaughter (5) is trying to knit. I would love to incorporate all of these into something special. Thanks for putting my name in the draw.

  35. My grandmother loved to crochet with the small thread,she is the one who taught me.She never read patterns just looked at a piece and could do it .my mother did crochet some and i do but i need more practice.i would love to keep this art going in my family

  36. Old doilies are so rich with history and tell the most amazing stories of their own, who made them, for whom and the path that they took before they came into your posession. And then of course the most beautiful ones always have a mystery of their own as nobody knows anything about them, they just appeared. What a good idea to make them into a quilt, all those stories sewn together to keep forever. Can’t wait to find out how to do this “Quilting with Doilies”

  37. I have many dollies from my grandmother and would love to incorporate them into a quilt. Great way to preserve the memories.

  38. My Granny made so many tatted and crocheted doilies that each of her 22 grandchildren inherited a big batch. I’d love to make some kind of a patchwork wall hanging with them.

  39. I would like to use this to make gifts for my grandma’s who I am lucky to have with me still. Just to simply show my love and appreciation of two spectacular women 🙂

  40. Hi from Western Australia! I have a multitude of doilies given to me by my Mother, Grandmother and Aunty. I would love to use them for a Heritage Quilt and some Heritage cushions. Love learning new projects. Thanks for this opportunity to learn more..

  41. There are many dollies in my linen closet. I don’t know where my step Granny came by them. But I would love to make a quilt out of them for my step brother. do believe he would enjoy it.

  42. I have been looking for the right pattern for years to use my dollies that I have been crocheting for many years. Love to crochet but enjoy quilting even more. Would be absolutely wonderful to be able to combine both into one project!

  43. I’ve been collecting doilies and bits of antique material for many years. They’ve been in a drawer as I’ve not known what to do with them. So this will give me some great ideas. I most likely will make a quilt for a guest bedroom.

  44. I’d love learn how to incorporate doilies to make a quilt for my daughter using my moms and grandmothers doilies.

  45. I have always loved the antique look & to add doilies to my quilti g projects (primarily for my guest bedroom) would add so much dimension to this decor style.

  46. FINALLY! I’ve inherited a ton of doilies and finally someone is showing how to incorporate them into quilts. It would make all my grandmothers (and great grandmother) so happy to see their pieces honored this way! Thanks for the givie-away opportunity!

  47. I love dollies. I’ve made them in the past. It would be wonderful to put them into a quilt or wall hanging. I could then pass them on to my boys.

  48. I have crochet all my life mow I am loosing my eye sight . I can still quilt so I am going to work on a wall quilt that will put my doilies to good use. They just sit in a box now. may as well show them off, and how pretty to have them on a quilt wrack for show.Thank you for the idea, and of course I would love to win the book, both my daughters quuilt and crochet so it would be a blessing to them too.

  49. My mother made dollies and taught me how to crochet. I’m not as talented as she was. I would like to make quilts and pillow covers for my self and my grandchildren. I just love the work that went into this art.

  50. My sister in law has a small store and would like me to make some table runners using old linen table cloths and I can see that doilies would be a wonderful addition. Would love to get a copy of this book.

  51. I have a number of doilies that my grandmothers made, as well as antique hankies. Would love to incorporate them into some quilts for my kids.

  52. I would love to win to make a quilt for my mother. She just turned 79 and I would love to be able to give it to her for her 80th birthday next year.

  53. I’m excited. I was at a quilt show over the weekend and saw a quilt with a doily as the center medallion. Needless to say it was gorgeous. I’ve got so many doilies from my mother that if I put one in every quilt I make, I won’t be around long enough to use them all, but what a fantastic opportunity to be able to make a dent in the pile with ideas from this book. Good luck to all!

  54. I would love to win this book so I could have some idea to work my sister’s doillies into a quilt. She passed away in 2013 and I miss her terribly and this would be a way I could display the doillies she crocheted for me so that I could see them everyday and enjoy them and let other people see her wonderful hand work. She taught herself how to crochet and could look at a piece and crochet it just like the it was.She shared all her work with friends and family. She was an amazing woman who I admired very much.

  55. I have several storage bins full of doilies and other pieces of handiwork that have been passed down from family members that I have been looking for ideas to use them in. I have incorporated some of the embroidered pieces into quilts before and think this would be a great way to use some of the crocheted and tatted pieces.

  56. My grandmother tatted and despite her best efforts I did not learn. My other grandmother crocheted doilies and tableclothes for as long as I can remember. I have piles of their work I cannot bear to throw out. A quilt is a perfect idea!

  57. I would really like to make a pretty coverlet for my baby sister, Fran. Just a little something that is soft, feminine and unquie as a special gift for her. In being the only girl in the household, sometimes she needs something girly. And what is better than from her big sister that would be like getting a hug from me when she needs it during the rough moments in her life. I live in Michigan and she lives in Colorado. Thank You for the chance to win this great book.

    In Kind Regards,

  58. My grandmother (Oma) left us, my sister and I, a collection of doilies she crocheted. We thought making quilts with them would be the perfect way to preserve them!

  59. I have several doilies that have been given to me by my grandmothers and aunts. I think they would be beautiful displayed in shadow boxes with other items that they treasured.

  60. I would make something for my Mum who is in her 90th year! She taught me and my sister lots of crafts when we were younger and she still does some of them herself. Have just got into quilt making so thats what I would do!! xx

  61. I have a beautiful large doily my grandmother made, and I’d love to make it into a quilted wall hanging, unless I find an even better idea in the book! lol

  62. I have never thought of quilting with doilies, but I should have, based on a quilt I purchased for my bed that has a lot of lacy squares in it. I would love to win this book to further advance my quilting abilty.

  63. I am looking for ideas and techniques to perserve my grandmothers doilies, tablecloths and hankerchiefs , and I would love to have this book. I also would like to do something with ties from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s from my father and brothers.
    Thank you

  64. I have many doilies made by great aunt. It would be nice to make a quilt for a keepsake. I have a friend that has made many and I would love to win the book to give to her for her birthday. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize.

  65. My mother and I were talking just this weekend about how lovely it would be to find another way to show off her beautiful doilies. I love the idea of working them into a quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. Several beautiful tatted doilies, pre WW2 made by my grandmother are in a family collection. I have been saving these for a special project, just didn’t know how to use them. If I win this book I will finally be able to accomplish a life long dream. Creating heirlooms to pass down for future generations to appreciate and enjoy!

  67. Wow! I am brand new to quilting and every where I look I keep finding fascinating new things like this. I would love to win this book, it strikes me as an excellent way to make something out of the doilies that have been sitting in my mother’s cedar chest for the last 40+ years.

  68. I have many crocheted items that my mom made. And now that she has passed and I am retired I would like to make items for my kids, grandkids and great grandkids that are momentos made by their grandmas. I need ideas other than runners, etc. I would love a book for inspiration and direction, Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful book:)

  69. I would love this book. My Grandmother made crocheted all her life. She has been gone some 30 years and it would be good to find patterns to help display some of her works.

  70. What a creative idea, I would love to win this book. I have doilies that my grandmother and great-grandmother have crocheted and have been wanting to do something special with them. When I saw this I immediately thought of a wall hanging or a table top quilt that could beautifully showcase them and would be able to be passed on to my daughters.

  71. First, I would unpack them! Lol Next I would lay them all out, look through the book, maybe 5 times and the project I keep going back to, I would make! Maybe go to my moms house and steal a couple of hers! Sounds like a fun, I really like to try new projects.

  72. This is so exciting. I have dailies from my Grandmother from Italy that she made there before commuting to the States. I have put them up and stored them. This is an awesome ocean I would make wall hangings and give them to family members. I even have unfinished quilt top I have been wanting to do something with from gRandma and Great Grandma, I would put soil is and some of the quilt with it. Well maybe, not sure if I want to take some of the quilt apart. Thank you for a chance to enter.

  73. I think that a quilt with doilies would make a beautiful victorian looking that I am sure someone(s) might like. Would love the book 🙂

  74. What a great idea. I never would have thought of it. I love trying new things and I love dollies. Can’t wait to try this.

  75. I have a bunch of doilies that my Grandmother and Mother crocheted. They are both gone now and I would like to use them in a quilt as reminder of all the hard work and love that they put into these doilies.
    I would love this book. ☺ ♥

  76. I am captivated by the beauty of doilies and especially those used on heritage quilts. The heritage fabrics and doilies are an equal denominator for quilt splendor.
    Doilies are a part of my life since childhood. All the women in my family made the most beautiful doilies and lace projects.
    Please allow me the privilege of receiving your book.

  77. I have a few (very few) antique linens from my mother and mother-in-law. I want to make a runners with these for my daughters. Unfortunately I don’t have enough, yet, to complete them. I want to make the runners long enough so that they can be used on tables, buffets, back of sofa, bed, chest–anywhere that would seem appropriate.

    I’m hoping the book will show how to use the ones I have to kinda ‘keep it in the family’.

  78. Oh My,,,I have my Mother’s doilies, brightly stitched ones, brown and white ones,, ones that look like tatting…they are reminder for me of what she was like…My mother passed away when I was ten years old, so having these and to be able to make something to showcase them would be wonderful…..Thank you for the lovely giveaway…..This book will be a start of inspiration for me….

  79. When I was a teenager, I was given a set of doilies made by an eighty year old woman. I cherished her workmanship and fell in love with doilies. I learned how to crochet and have given many away over the years. I’m especially fond of the pineapple pattern and think this would make a welcoming project. I’d love to see what inspiring projects are in the book-giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  80. I would think i would like to make a baby quilt for my great grand daughter.I could use my dollies in the center of the blocks.

  81. I have several patterns that use doilies, so I would love this book. I also have a few of my mothers’ doilies and she has been gone for 44 years. Wish I had learned from her how to crochet .

  82. I have taking them and sewn them together to make a table runner, and have made angels and few other things. Like glueing them on a small box with little charms and turned it into nice jewelry box for my niece.

  83. I love vintage and recently bought a Singer Featherweight for piecework. I have some of my Mother’s doilies and one is huge-I believe it’s a table topper doily. I am crocheting mini doilies myself and was thinking of sewing them together for a table topper. I think they would be nice on a throw pillow too with some of my hand embroidery surrounding the doilies.

  84. Five friends and I get together weekly to create small quilts for residents in local nursing homes. How special it would be to incorporate our heirloom doilies in some of the quilts we will make. This book would be a tremendous help to me and my fellow quilters.

  85. My mother and grandmother did a lot of crocheting. I have done some. I would love to make a bedspread for the guest room with the dollies that I have. It would make a great remembrance of them since both have passed away.

  86. I would love to win this book. I try to learn somthing new each year. A bed quilt and pillow shams would look wonderful. thank you for this chance.

  87. I’m not sure what I would like to do with my doilies either. As one lady said, maybe some Angel wings to represent the 2 angels that the doilies came from who would be my sweet mother and grandmother who have gone on to meet with their savior.

  88. I would love to win a book like this! My mom is always collecting doilies and I a some of my own. I see that not many people use them for their original purpose anymore; I think it’s a shame, though I know times have changed. When I saw the title of this book, it hit me like a bold lightning and made me smile. Heck yeah! Why not? Lets make a really pretty table topper or large table cover out of them. Imagine the layout possibilities with so many different doily types and shades of white and ivory that could just make any room pop with an innovative blast to the past! It’s like walking into your grandmother’s doll collection room and just feeling that bit of melancholy that makes you smile remember the way things used to be. It’s heritage made large enough to shine. I would be so excited. It’s a GREAT idea. Now I really want to do it! My mom would go bonkers!

    Thank you for sharing!
    Sam O’Bryan

  89. I’d love this book! I have so many doilies that my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother made and I’ve always thought I could do something with. A special quilt in their memory would be wonderful.

  90. I’ve had a love for doilies for many years – I always buy them at antique shops and consignments shops. I want to make a special quilt for each of my grand- daughters using lace and doilies and embroidery items I have made and ones that I have collected.

  91. I would love to win this book. My mother and grandmother made many dollies. I would love to be able to somehow make a quilt using many of the dollies. I have a full box of dollies and have saved them to put into a quilt.. It would be such a wonderful way to honor mom by using them after all these years. It would make a great gift to my daughter to also remember mom and grandmother. The dollies need to be displaded and not kept in a box. Thanks

  92. I have a full laundry basket { lined and covered to protect them } of dailies made by my husbands grandmother, who was a beautiful crocheter and embroiderer, I would love to win this to help make quilts for my 3 grandaughters.

  93. My aunt gave me a bag full of old doilies when I got married and I have never known what to do with them. A quilt sounds like it would end up very feminine and pretty…something to pass on to my daughter!

  94. Hi I would love to win this book, I have not been doing quilting very long,
    I would like to do other things as well in quilting.

  95. I have been collecting vintage doilies for some time now, and also have received many of them made by family members that have passed away. I love the look of the beautiful and intricate handwork and always felt I could make a beautiful quilt with them, but just wasn’t sure how to go about doing it. With this book, I am sure to find the much needed inspiration to create something with them to truly show them off in the best possible way without looking like ‘just a bunch of old doilies’ sewn together. Thank you for this inspiring giveaway!

  96. What to do with all those doilies…..have a collection from Grandma, mom, and aunts. I don’t want to give them away. They remind me of times long ago when they were still around. It would be a terrific to have some ideas.

  97. I am a new quilter , and I love all the books I can find. I would be thrilled to win this one.

    Thanks Patricia

  98. I would absolutely LOVE to win this book! I grew up on a farm where we used doilies everywhere in the home. I continue to use doilies and crocheted dresser scarves everywhere in my home. Doilies add so much to the country chic and charm.! I am excited to be able to learn more about doily making should I win this book. I would be able to make doilies and other things that would be treasured for years to come.

  99. wow, what a great idea. I have so many of these crocheted doilies collecting dust. It would be great to put them to good use.

  100. I only have a few dollies from my mother, however I do have several from my grandmother and great-grandmother. I have made a dress for a doll out of a pillow linen with a doily I made into the bonnet. I have put a doily on a diary for myself, however it was something I just tried and it didn’t last very long. I nice book would sure help me to do it the correct way so I wouldn’t ruin anything and it would last.

  101. I have a few doilies that I believe my Grandma made or possibly my Mom. And I have no clue what to do with them other than to use them on tables. So I would love a book that showed me ideas.

  102. I have a lot of hand made doilies left to me from my mother, grandmothers and my great grandmother. I did not know how I was going to display them so this book is a really great idea. Also, February 27 is my birthday! What a great birthday present if I should win this!!

  103. My mom has crocheted since she was a child. She crocheted beautiful dresses for my twin sister & myself when we were infants. She has made fantastic dollies, Christmas ornaments, baby blankets, lap throws, anything she set her mind to. I only wish I. Old have learned her talent. She is 95 years old with arthritis severe in both hands. She still has projects started a and can’t finish, but I woulf love to show off her work in a memory quilt or wall hanging.

  104. I have a large box of doilies left from my great aunt. I saved them for many years, waiting to find something nice to do with them. Having just started quilting, it would be great to learn some how-tos for incorporating them into a quilt

  105. I have many beautiful doilies my late grandmother gave me.
    Nan was a beautiful crocherer, even with her right index finger missing! She even crocheted a beautiful dress years ago for my sister Year 12 graduation which my mother still has – even after 45 years it has not lost its shape. I think I would make placemats or then again I would like to try making a bed runner using them.

  106. I have a small collection of antique doilies, some are my grandmothers. I have not decided what I will do with them yet, the book may give me some inspiration. Thanks for the draw.

  107. I would soooo love to have this! I’m new to quilting and would so love this to be my first big project! Its perfect for my bed!

  108. I LOVE doilies, have a bunch. How wonderful to win this book and be able to use them other than wrapped in tissue paper and in a safe place. Now the question is…would grandma be ok with me using them in a quilt? I hope so because that is my plan! Thanks for the giveaway. Happy quilting everyone and good luck!

  109. I have several doilies made by my husband’s grandmother… It will be nice to incorporate them in a quilt for my son’s 1904 house he just bought and he is renovating! I have to mention that I am a new quilter… And I love it!

  110. I have been making quilts for 10 years now and have always wanted to find a way to put my big bag of doilies I got from my late mother into a quilt. Mine are beige and white. I would love this book!

  111. Oh this would be right up my alley. I have used doilies on clothing and would love to try them on quilts

  112. This book would be perfect. I have several of my mother’s doilies she had made over the years. I’ve often wondered what I could do with them. Now I know. The book would tell me how to incorporate them into a meaningful quilt.

  113. I have some doilies which were made by my husband’s grandmothers and would love to create something for my children. What a great idea!

  114. I would love to see the ideas in this wonderful book as i have doileys from both my grandmothers and one great grandmother. I would love to display the memories

  115. What an interesting book. It fills my head with all kinds of ideas from a tabletopper, to dressing up a fancy quilt, dresser scarf, for starters anyway. What a pleasure it would be to own this. Good luck everyone.

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