Quilt retreat!

As you read this I am happily sewing away at quilt retreat. The semi-annual get-a-way is hosted by my guild, the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild and it gives me four days of (mostly) uninterrupted sewing and quilting.

This is the first time I’m going for more than just the weekend in three years, so I’m very excited about how much I can get done. I know, if you’re a regular reader, then you know I’m running this blog full time now which means every day should be like quilt retreat right?

Unfortunately not. There’s a lot of behind the scenes work that takes a ton of time, like pattern design, website maintenance, answering all your questions, working with brands to set up giveaways and special promo codes, photo and video editing  – and let’s not forget I’m doing all the work during while my daughter naps in the morning and afternoon and when she goes to bed.

So I’ve written content ahead so you all will have fresh new articles while I’m gone and I will focus on some long-neglected projects and a few new ones. Here’s what I’m bringing with:

Quilt Addicts Anonymous, Block of the Month

2014 BOM

I was just a tad bit over-committed last year (sarcasm intended), so my 2014 BOM is still a collection of blocks in a storage container. The blocks I used to teach with are done, but others are just cut up and ready to be assembled. I set a date to rent time on the longarm at Quilting By-You in Bettendorf next Saturday, so at least one, and hopefully both of these quilt tops will be done by the time I leave retreat so I can load them up and get to quilting.


Christmas New York Beauty

I don’t know how, but this quilt has somehow become a retreat-only project. Out of the 56 blocks that are completed, I’ve maybe sewn two at home. Maybe it is because the paper piecing and curved seams requires too much concentration than I can give it when I have dogs asking to go out, a husband to pick up after and a never-ending pile of laundry. But I’m just eight blocks away from having all the blocks I need to finish this quilt. I don’t know if I’ll put the top together, but just getting the blocks finally finished after four years is an accomplishment I’d be proud of.

Five-hour bed quilt

Five hour bed quilt

This is the first in a line of new patterns I’m working on. All of you who volunteered to be pattern testers should get an email with more info next week. But this super-fast quilt uses a layer cake and yardage to make a quilt that is super easy and quick. I’ve got the blocks done, now I just need to get the quilt together before I put the call out for volunteers to test this pattern.

I’m starting with a modest list of projects I’d like to finish because while I have four days of sewing time it won’t be completely uninterrupted. My childcare for Angela fell through, so she will be with me in the evening on Friday and Saturday when my husband goes to work. On those days I’m pretty much considering my productive time to be over at 3 p.m. But we’ll still have fun hanging out with my quilting friends until it is time for me to bring Angela home for bed.

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What projects are you working on this weekend?

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