How to make a soft book

Soft books are one of my favorite quick projects to make for kids. The soft book, or fabric books, come in panels and often nursery fabric lines will have a soft book to go with it. The book makes an excellent addition to your gift of a quilt at a baby shower.

The soft book I made in the tutorial is from Aspen’s Line by Avlyn Fabrics, which is the fabric line I used to make Angela’s crib quilt, valances and fabric baskets from. It’s one of several I’m making for her first birthday. She just loves flipping through books and looking at the pictures, but at 11 months old, she isn’t very gentle. That means books with paper pages are out, and the hard page books are getting a little soggy from constantly being put in her mouth.

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The soft books solve both problems, they won’t tear and if they get gross from her sticking them in her mouth, I can just throw it in the wash.

Watch the video tutorial above to find out how to make your own soft book. Angela makes a little cameo at the end, the first of many I’m sure. And click on the item below to get Thermore batting, which is what I use for the filling in the soft books. It is super thin, which makes sewing with it easy, while giving the pages enough structure to hold the book shape.

I’ve also included some of my favorite soft book panels in the Amazon widget below. Both of the Amazon widgets contain affiliate links, so if you’re planning on purchasing some for a little one in your life, please click on the links. You get Amazon’s great prices, and I get a little something for referring you, which helps keep these free tutorials coming. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Thank you, thank you! I have purchased several panels; but, being a visual learner, was not sure exactly how to begin. Loved your tute. So very helpful!


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