Sewing studio reveal

Sewing Room Reveal 14

My sunroom to sewing studio/office transformation is finally complete. If you’ve been following along, the room started as a sunroom that was half finished after storm damage forced us to completely rebuild it. And it was filled with junk.

Since the room wasn’t being used for any useful purpose and the dining room table looked like a quilt shop threw up on it, I convinced my husband to let me turn it into a sewing studio/office. So we put up drywall, and patched, and painted, and installed carpeting, and bought furniture specifically for sewing. And now I’m ready to show it to you all. Scroll down to see all the new features, as well as links to tutorials and products I used so you can recreate your favorites in your own sewing space.

Sewing Room Reveal 13

The chair is the Room Essentials™ Upholstered Stacking Chair from Target. I picked it up in the college dorm section on one of those shopping trips when you go in for one thing and spend $200. The pillow too I picked up in the same trip. It is really great for keeping my back from getting store during long hours sitting at the sewing machine or computer. The lamp was also a Target find, but I picked it up several years ago when I first got the idea to redo my sewing room in teal and gray.

The desk I absolutely love. It is the South Shore Crea Sewing Craft Table on Wheels in Pure White. Every piece of purchased furniture is from South Shore. While each is from a different collection, the design details are similar and the Pure White finish on all of it make it look like a set that goes together. The South Shore Axess Printer Cart on Wheels in Pure White just to the left of the Sewing Craft Table is an example of one of the pieces from a different furniture collection, that looks like it belongs together.

You can read more about the desk in this post. The highlights are the desk is on wheels, so I can move it around easily, the drawers fit quilt squares in them perfectly, and when my sewing machine needs to be put away, it fits neatly inside the desk.

Sewing Room Reveal 01

My sewing space is small. At just 9×12 feet I have to make use of the vertical space in the sewing room as well as the floor space. So I took two thread racks, spray painted the and mounted them to the wall. The result is a functional storage space that is pretty and compact.

Sewing Room Reveal 02

Also in the interest of saving floor space, I installed a iron holder to the wall that holds up my iron, ironing board, spray starch and spray baste. You can see it just to the left of the hutch. Read more about  how I took advantage of the wall space in my sewing studio in this post.

Sewing Room Reveal 04

One of my other favorite additions to the sewing studio is the South Shore Reveal Shelving Unit with 8 Compartments in Pure White. The shelving compartments are staggered, providing a small section and a large one. The small compartment is perfect for neatly displaying your fabric stash. I was able to fit all my yardage in mine. In the larger sections I put fabric baskets that hold my quilt kits. Dozens of quilt kits, so you can stash a lot of fabric in there. Click here for a video tutorial on how to fold fabric to fit your storage space.

Sewing Room Reveal 11

The hutch is one of my favorite pieces in the sewing studio. This started off as a Craigslist find. I liked the piece because it had interesting details and was a strong solid piece to work with.

Sewing Room Reveal 10

I transformed the hutch using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. You can watch the transformation by clicking on this link. I love the finished look. It makes a perfect background for all my video tutorials, plus it fits the creative space perfectly.

Sewing Room Reveal 08

Using the same Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors I used on the hutch, I also gave my grandmother’s old sewing cabinet a makeover. This is the one piece of furniture that doesn’t actually serve a purpose in the sewing studio besides looking pretty. But I love it, so it stays even though it isn’t functional. You can see how I transformed it at this link.

Sewing Room Reveal 09

Also decorative is this cute coiled basket made by a good friend of mine who is the talent behind Crafted QC. She also is the graphic designer who created the Quilt Addicts Anonymous logo and background image for this website. You can learn more about Crafted QC at this link.

Sewing Room Reveal 07

Since my daughter spends some time in here while I work, she has her very own basket of goodies to play with. And yes, it matches the color scheme. You can see the basket by clicking here. Of course she also enjoys playing peakaboo with my fat quarters and pulling my binders out of the printer stand, but these also keep her attention for a minute or two. Just in case you were wondering, this is also a Target purchase. Basically the entire room is by Target, South Shore and Annie Sloan. But I love it.

Here ends the tour of my new sewing studio. It’s not that big, so it doesn’t take that long. But I love my little creative space. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and are inspired by some of the tutorials I created documenting the process.

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  1. Your quilting room is charming & cheerful. I am motivated even more now to create my sewing room with my new machine. I am planning on using Annie Sloan paint on some furniture pieces and found your tutorial on the hutch very informative.

    1. This sounds like an incredible book! I’ll have to add it to my list.Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, I do mostly post songs for now. I’ve been doing a song blogging challenge this year. Unnrutofately I still have a lot of songs to post before the end of the year! But it has been very fun to look more closely at the lyrics to my favorite songs. I hope you’ll stop back by sometime!

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    3. Your son's blogpost was so touching! I'm so glad he can see the faithfulness of God surrounding his life.I know you're excited to have your other son, and your son's girlfriend visit. Enjoy!

    4. Hi KK,No, I got the hook-up from a friend who works for Shu. One of these days I’ll take a pic of the whole collection… but right now I need Advil and TV (bad migraine, oy)!

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  2. If I had any budget, I’d hire you to come re-do my studio! I have a larger room, maybe 10 x 12, but it isn’t nearly as efficient. This looks both attractive and useful.

  3. Oh, love your room. :-} Compact but very usable.
    I do have one comment :-[ . Could you use something other than light blue for the go to ‘s like –click here–reply and such.
    My older eyes or my computer does not make these readable.

  4. I have no idea how I m just now seeing this post oy! I m loving the soda bottle box turned on its side. I have two family hand-me-down Coke boxes that are just sitting pretty in my living room right now, but it looks like they re going to have a new home in my studio upstairs now. You have given me inspiration! I have a sewing room, but it is so crammed packed with stuff that I still am sewing in my dining room. My daughter, age 22, says she doesn t remember me ever sewing in the sewing room . Needless to say, she is very disgusted with me at this point in her life. I am determined to make a dent in this room this weekend. Thank you very much, you have made my day!

  5. This is beautifully inspiring! I am on the brink of transforming a spare bedroom into my sewing room and thus delivering my family from my sewing stuff all over the dining room table! Did you use chalk paint on your walls? What color are they?

    1. Chalk paint would have been way to expensive to put on the walls. I used regular paint and had it color matched to the Annie Sloan swatch so it all would coordinate. Good luck with your renovation!


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