Jelly Roll Rug π! 12 Makes of Christmas

For our 11th Make of Christmas we are bringing back the  Colossal Round Rug & Jelly Roll Rug π  Tutorial. This fun project can easily be done in a weekend so you can get one, or several done for this holiday season.

This is the round version of the popular Jelly Roll Rug. The pattern includes instructions on how to make two sizes of round rugs. There is a 38-inch diameter version made from one 2 1/2-inch strip roll and a 54-inch diameter version made from two rolls.

The rugs are washable and look good even after they have been walked on. We’ve had several on the floor at the shop for months and they still look great.

We partnered with Roma Lambson to create the official video for this project. So watch the video, get your supplies and make a custom rug for someone special on your list.

Crafting time:

8 hours


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  1. Stephanie,
    My husband and I watched your tutorial on how to fix your jelly roll rug. We wondered how wide your strips were, and what kind of fabric you used.


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