Quilts & More Quilt-Along: Making and Using Templates

It is time to start the Quilts & More Magazine Color Outside the Lines Quilt Along! Quilts & More Magazine has put together a video to get you started. In it editor Joanna Burgarino walks you through the process of creating and using triangle templates to create the sharp angled triangles in this pattern. There is an updated template piece you can get by clicking here.

The Tri-Recs Triangle Ruler is the same shape as the template, so if you want to skip making your own template (and make cutting a lot easier and faster) you can always pick up a Tri-Recs Ruler from us. We also have Mylar template plastic if you decide to go the template route. Both products are linked below.

Quilts & More Magazine also has a web page with more information for putting Color Outside the Lines together and a Facebook group you can join to chat with other people making this quilt. I will also be creating this quilt so follow along on Instagram @quiltaddictsanonymous for tips and tricks from me. This week we will be working on the red blocks that make up the top left and bottom right corners of this quilt. I can’t wait to get started.

Also, we have received more fabric for this kit and will be shipping backordered kits out this week. If you have been holding off on ordering, we suggest you do it now because this kits has been very popular and we usually don’t have fabric for long before the kits are out of stock again.

Get the Color Outside the Lines quilt kit:

Tri-Recs Triangle Ruler:

Mylar Templates:

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