I found the PERFECT fabric for this quilt! #shorts

I fell in love with this Star Sign pattern back in 2021, but had trouble finding fabric that matched the design perfectly.

That’s until Dear Stella released its City of Stars fabric collection, which is packed with astrological symbols, flying Pegasi, shooting stars and constellations.

The designs are truly out of this world, but the varying shades of blue in the design make it absolutely fabulous and versatile.

In the video tutorial I show you how to get your points absolutely perfect with four-at-a-time flying geese. Then we go over adding the log cabin strips to create this fun block combo.

The stars are made in three different sizes and turned in different orientations in the block layout to give it that modern look and make it look a little bit like the night sky.

The pattern to go with this kit includes cutting instructions for an economical way of cutting the log cabin strips, and gives suggestions for how to make it work if you want to create the fade like I did for my quilt.

Kit: https://shop.quiltaddictsanonymous.com/product/star-sign-quilt-kit-lap-sized/

Pattern: https://shop.quiltaddictsanonymous.com/product/star-sign-pdf-download/

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