May 2015 Block of the Month

Welcome back to the Quilt Addicts Anonymous Block of the Month. This month we will finish the center medallion of the quilt. I’m splitting the May tutorial into two parts. Above you can see the instructions for making the cornerstones that cap off the pieced border. Below is a second video that will teach you […]

January Block of the Month

Here we go! I am so excited to make this quilt. There are new techniques, time-saving tricks and tips to improve your accuracy. If you followed along in 2014, then you’ll notice some new block units in January’s design. We’ll be learning how to make picket fence units that waste less fabric than traditional construction […]

March Block of the Month

The March block by itself really isn’t all that exciting, but it makes an excellent cornerstone for the center medallion, which we are also putting together this month. So grab your rotary cutter and let’s get started because there is a lot to do this month. The blocks themselves are pretty easy. You’re making four, […]

2014 Block of the Month

Alright quilters, it’s time to challenge your sewing skill set with the Quilt Addicts Anonymous 2014 Block of the Month. Each month you’ll learn a new tips, tricks and efficiencies that will improve your quilting and give you the chance to try new blocks you might not want to make an entire quilt from. You’ll […]

June Block of the Month

This month we’re getting started on the corners of our quilt by making several setting triangles to frame the solid black border we put on last month. I know the phrase “setting triangles” can sound scary, but I promise its not. They are essentially half-blocks and they are all made of half-square triangles, which you […]

January Block of the Month

Welcome to 2014! Here’s your first pattern for the Quilt Addicts Anonymous Block of the Month. This month we’re making the center four blocks. They form a secondary pattern that makes a beautiful center medallion to start this quilt off with. Follow the video tutorial above for tips and tricks on how to put the […]

February Block of the Month

I hope you all are having as much fun with the Quilt Addicts Anonymous Block of the Month as I am. Nearly 1,500 of you downloaded the January block, and I can’t wait to see how everyone’s fabric and color choices make the pattern come to life in a different way. But now it’s time […]

February Block of the Month

Some fun behind the scenes news. I got new lights for shooting the video tutorials. That means really clear video for you, and I can shoot at night after the baby goes to sleep. I hope you enjoy this month’s tutorial. This month we are making eight blocks. It is the most we’ll make in […]