Sewing room to nursery: Coming together

Nursery, dog, quilt

I’m not ready for a full reveal, but the nursery now has no resemblance to the sewing room that once occupied its space.

Last week was a big one for turning this room into a cozy place for our new baby. We finally got rid of the nasty dog poop brown shag carpet and replaced it with new plush, soft carpeting. And my father-in-law brought out the rest of the nursery furniture from my brother- and sister-in-law who saved all their baby things for us. I’m so grateful to them for being so generous, we’ve barely had to buy anything for the baby.

So while the guys spent the weekend ripping apart and starting to put back together our sunroom, the last room we’ll remodel in this house, I cleaned and arranged the nursery.

changing table, cloth diapers

The crib has a quilt rack on it, making it the perfect spot to hang the quilt I designed and made. And my tiny little stash of cloth diapers fits perfectly only with some disposable liners in the slot next to the changing pad on the table/dresser.

I’ve been busy filling the drawers with burp cloths, reusable wet bags, gender neutral socks and white onesies.

The one piece of furniture that is missing is a cube shelf that I plan to use for a book shelf and toy storage. I’ve registered for it, but my shower is still a couple weeks away, which gives me time to make the fabric baskets to go inside half the cubes to keep toys inside.

We did discover that the room is too small to put my husband’s dresser in. We’ll have to wait to bring that into the room until the baby outgrows the swing. That means I can wait until after the baby is born to finish painting it to match the color scheme of the room. And since I discovered a local artist that teaches classes on techniques to use with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I may just have to enroll one Saturday after the baby gets here.

So here’s the nursery to-do list with about 10 weeks left until my due date:

Make puppy crib quilt
Sew valances

Sew crib skirt
Make bobby covers to match the nursery decor
Make fabric baskets for the cube shelf I ordered that will double as toy box/book shelf
Paint the nursery
Get new carpet
Recover the rocking chair cushion
Set up the nursery

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