October Block of the Month

Sorry I am so late getting the pattern out this month. I’ve been battling a nasty cold and I still haven’t mastered getting anything accomplished on weeknights now that I’m a working mom. I still haven’t managed to get the video together, but you can download the pattern now.

This is one of my favorite blocks of the entire quilt. It is the kind of block that when you make an entire quilt from it, a second design appears. I might have to put that on my bucket list of quilts I’d like to make someday.

Plus, this month’s block is incredibly easy, mostly because the pinwheels are the mirror image blocks that were left over from the July block.

As always Iā€™m making the quilt in two colorways. Click here or on the photo below to download the pattern on Craftsy.

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  1. Love the blocks; but I noticed that there is no block for the month of June but there are 2 for May (both blocks are the same). Is there a reason for this?


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