Craftsy class review: ‘Help! How Do I Quilt It?’

Help How Do I Quilt It

I enrolled in one of Craftsy’s newer quilting classes, “Help! How Do I Quilt It? A Machine Quilting Manual” by Angela Walters last week to get some ideas for quilting my 2014 Block of the Month quilt. I have never quilted anything so large in anything other than an all-over pattern and wanted to do something special for this quilt with 11 different blocks and five borders.

I definitely got what I wanted out of the class. This is the third class I’ve taken from Angela Walters on Craftsy. I love her quilting style, which is very dense and intricate. And her teaching style is very straight forward and easy to understand. That’s probably why Craftsy keeps bringing her back over and over again to teach more machine quilting classes.

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In the previous classes I took, Angela demonstrated the techniques on a longarm, but this time she’s doing all her beautiful work on a domestic sewing machine, showing that beautiful quilting can be accomplished on both machines.

The class is split into six segments: applique, quilts with small spaces, paper-pieced quilts, sampler quilts, quilts with large spaces and medallion quilts. Angela offers tips for deciding what patterns would work best in each type of quilt, gives plenty of examples of work she has done for some pretty famous quilters and demonstrates stitches she often uses in those situations. Angela has designed a quilt pattern that incorporates all of the six elements that is included in the course materials, or you can practice on your own quilt.

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I jumped around quite a bit when I watched, starting with sampler quilts and medallion quilts since those best fit the description of the 2014 BOM that I’ll be loading on the longarm on Thursday. But as I caught up with quilts with small spaces, and quilts with large spaces, I quickly realized those tips would apply to the quilt as well.

And the best part about the Craftsy class is once you purchase it, the class is yours for life. So if I ever finish my New York Beauty quilt, then I can rewatch the part on paper piecing to refresh my memory on what types of stitches tend to work best to accentuate the intricate piecing.

If you’ve never tried free motion quilting before, then “Help! How Do I Quilt It” isn’t for you. But a confident beginner who has a few tops under their belt, all the way up to very experienced could learn something from the class. I highly recommend it. Plus, as I’m writing this, the class is 25 percent off! Click here to sign up for  “Help! How Do I Quilt It? A Machine Quilting Manual” by Angela Walters.

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