Starting veggies and herbs from seed indoors

We did a survey at the beginning of the year to see if you would like to see videos on Stephanie’s other obsessions. And one of the biggest requests was for gardening videos.

So today we’re showing you how Stephanie and the Quilter in Training Angela started veggies and herbs from seed. We filmed this a few weeks ago, so depending on your region starting broccoli and cauliflower right now may not be a good idea. But the process of starting the seeds is the same no matter what you are planting.

Your local garden center is always a good resource for supplies and knowledge about what grows well in your area. But we’ve linked the supplies Stephanie used below if you just want to order online.

Happy Gardening!

Supplies we used (may contain affiliate links):

Seed starting tray with dome:
Seed starting mix:
Watering can with shower spout:
Seed warming mat:
Stack n’ Grow Grow Light Kit:

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  1. So cute. It was nice to see the change from quilting, tho I like that very much. French radishes are a nice addition for a salad, also a 2 week rotation veggie, and the french breakfast radishes are much milder than the round red ones.

    Cant wait to see the seedling without the terrarium top.


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