Beginner-friendly Pinwheel Quilt – Whirligig Stashin’ with Stephanie

It’s Stashin’ with Stephanie time, when we release a brand new fat quarter-friendly quilt pattern that has been inspired by this month’s featured fabric, Josie Jean by Amy Reber for Clothworks.

This month’s pattern is my favorite type of quilt, one that looks super complicated, but is actually pretty simple to put together. There are literally are just nine steps to complete the entire block. I’ve made pot holders that are more complicated!

When I looked at the bright colors in Josie Jean, it just made me super cheery and reminded me of whirligig’s flying around in the garden. So I designed a pinwheel block with a small triangle in each corner.

We’re just making stitch-and-flip flying geese to make the block. Then when we put the quilt top together, we’ll leave some of the blocks sewn just into halves, that way the even rows can be offset, creating a really cool secondary design when the blocks are joined.

So super simple, easy to make, but looks like you spent months getting all those triangles in just the right spot.

Whirligig was designed as part of our Stashin’ with Stephanie subscription club. The pattern is FREE for members, plus they get lots of other exclusive discounts and first dibs on fabric. Learn more and sign up here:

Supplies we used:
Whirligig Pattern:
Whirligig Quilt Kit:
Josie Jean by Amy Reber for Clothworks:
Stashin’ with Stephanie:

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