Perfect Pattern for your Christmas Scraps! – 12 Makes of Christmas 2021

I originally designed the Ghost of Christmas Past pattern to be used for a fabric exchange. The idea was that you get your quilty friends to all buy a yard of fabric, and trade the cut up pieces to create a wonderfully scrappy quilt.

You can totally get that going with your quilty friends, or you can just used all of your holiday scraps! That’s what we did when we remade the quilt this year with all the leftovers from our 12 Makes of Christmas projects.

This pattern is designed to alternate the green and red blocks so that no red fabric is ever touching another red fabric. Same deal for the green fabrics. That means you can pack as many Christmas lines as possible in, and it will still look good even if they all don’t go together.

Just pick a single neutral to give the eye a place to rest and your favorite border prints to tie everything together and you’ll have a fabulous scrappy quilt to remember all your holiday projects by!

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