How to make a quilt label

Quilt labels are perhaps one of the most important parts of your quilt. It is what tells future generations who made the quilt, when and why. That information is also known as the quilt’s provenance. Not only is a quilt with a story more valuable, it also ensures everyone will always know that you made the quilt.

Some of the important information you’d want to include on a quilt label are your name, the date or year it was finished, the pattern name and perhaps the occasion it was made for.

You want to be as specific as possible. For example, making a label that reads, “From Grandma with love” won’t mean much in 50 years when no one can remember exactly which grandchild the quilt was made for, or even which grandma made it. You’d want to include your name, the name of the child the quilt is for and the year you completed it so everyone will always know the special occasion the quilt was made for.

That brings us to today’s tutorial. I’ve tried using fabric markers to make labels in the past, but they always seem to fade with use. So I started using the decorative stitches on my machine, which includes a full alphabet, to create my quilt labels. Just click on the video above to learn how to:

  • Prepare the label for the decorative stitches
  • Ensure all the words are centered and the lines are evenly spaced on your label
  • Attach the label on your quilt, securing it under the binding

If you enjoyed this tutorial. Make sure to check out the Tutorials page for lots of other quilting tips and tricks!

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