How to turn ugly sweaters into cute mittens

Upcycled sweater mittens are one of my favorite projects. They are a fast, easy and cheap project, three of my favorite things when it comes to sewing. In about an hour you can go from an old, ugly sweater to a super-cute pair of mittens.

This project is so fast an inexpensive that it makes a great holiday gift for family and friends. Plus the mittens are very warm, making them great for keeping warm on your drive to work or out in the snow playing with the kids or grandchildren.

I’ve made dozens of these and now I am not only sharing a video tutorial, but also my pattern. You can click here to download it and make as many mittens as you want. The pattern comes with three pages of step-by-step instructions complete with color photos and three sizes of mittens. The small works well for adolescents, the medium fits most women’s hands and the large is good for men.

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Use the pattern with the video tutorial above to learn how to make your own pair of upcycled sweater mittens. In the video I cover how to choose a sweater, all the steps in the pattern and some additional tips and tricks to help you get your sweater pattern to line up at the same spot on each mitten for a professional look.

I used to make these to sell at craft fairs, but this year Quilt Addicts Anonymous has gotten too big and I don’t have time to do craft fairs anymore. It’s a good problem to have, but I have A LOT of supplies left over. I picked out my favorite sweaters and have created kits that include the sweater, fleece for the lining and the pattern. I’m selling them at the same price I paid for the materials, I just want them out of my house. Baby stuff has taken over my craft supplies space.

Click here to browse the selection of sweater mitten kits. Since each one is unique, if you find one you like, hurry up and buy it. Because once it is gone, that’s it, there are no more.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. I’d love to see photos of the mittens you create using this pattern. Click here to post them to my Facebook page.

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  1. These mittens are adorable! Great gift idea. Living in coastal SC, we don’t have a need for mittens, or I would consider buying a kit. Thanks for the free pattern!

  2. Looking for your mitten pattern download. Came over from YouTube. Link to mitten pattern says page not found. If you could email it to me that would be great. Downloaded one from another site but the pattern is bad. I do not have monkey thumbs! Thanks!


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