March Block of the Month – Stars in the Night

You all will be very happy to know that we are just making four blocks and there is no paper piecing this month! WE are making flying geese, but I show you how to make no-waste flying geese in the video tutorial and printable pattern.

If you’ve never made flying geese this way before, you’re in for a treat. It is very accurate, there is no fabric waste and you make four at a time. I won’t make flying geese any other way.

We’re not cutting a single triangle for this quilt. They all are sewn on the bias when they’re still squares. It is great way to make triangles, especially if you have trouble with the bias stretching out on you. This tutorial is filled with lots of great tips to get all those points in just the right spot.

So make sure you watch the video tutorial and download the FREE printable instructions by clicking here or on the photo below.

March 2016

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Comment (4)

  1. On the March block, step # 4 , do I use 1 sq of each D277 and D232 on the 51/4 Sq or do I make the flying geese all of one color? Sorry I am not under standing which colors to use and when
    Thank You for helping

  2. I have made all the blocks so far but I am using a color scheme from RSC16. I am posting it on my blog but don’t see where I can link up for QAA. Do you mind if I post them on the website? I just wanted to ask first, since I am using a different fabric selection. I am really looking forward to finishing this quilt. You have an excellent design. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for showing us this fast flying geese method as well as the method we sewed the center block. I could not believe how nicely they went together!

  4. I just finished March and the blocks really went together well. thanks for showing us the flying geese and triangle techniques. they worked great!! Looking for ward to April. Any idea when you will post it? Thanks, Betty


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