July Mini BOM 2016

It feels so strange to be nearly done with a Block of the Month quilt just two months in. But after you finish with the July block, you will have three-quarters of the block made for Cabin in the Clearing. Then we just make four more blocks, slap on some borders and we’re done next month!

This month’s tutorial is a little on the long side, not because the block is hard, but because there are three different pieced units that make up the block. I pretty much make it in real time on the video, which means once you have everything cut, you should be able to sew these up in two hours or less.

Mini BOM July 2016

I give you lots of great tips on how to get perfect flying geese points, show you how to press your seams so they lock in place and you can skip the pins and chain piece to save even more time. It’s summer, I know you have stuff to do. Enjoy sewing this block and then get outside!

Just click here in order to get to the shop section where you can download the block pattern. There also are kits left. Click here to order yours! And I put together some Oops Kits. There are 24 left that I put together from the bolt ends so you can get a little extra fabric just in case you cut something wrong or just want more fabric to make a throw pillow or something. There are just 24 of the Oops Kits, and they’re cheap, so if you want one, click here to get it before it’s gone!

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