Starburst Galaxy Block 1 video tutorial

O.M.G. this video took FOREVER to upload! There are two reason for that. One … my Internet provider has a monopoly in the area, which means they don’t actually have to be any good. Two … this video is almost 30 minutes long!

Yes, 29:54 with no commercials. That’s longer than watching an episode of your favorite half-hour TV program on Netflix. And it means I am walking you through step-by-step every part of putting together the first block in the Starburst Galaxy BOM from the first corner piece to the final press of the block. It is packed with tips and tricks to square up those triangles and make sure every point ends up where it is supposed to be.


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I typically go into a little bit greater detail in the first month because I know we have some beginners out there who are trying quilting for the first time, and I want them to have the experience of taking a class from me when they watch the video. That way they feel confident in making the quilt.

But basically, the most difficult piecing technique in this is the no-waste flying geese unit. And that’s not even too bad once you break it down. So add this quilt to your bucket list if you haven’t already, and click here to get the pattern book and click here to get the kit.

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