Behind the scenes: Getting ready for Quilt Market Vlog

Two years ago I went to my first Quilt Market. I had no idea what to expect and it ended up giving me the tools I needed to take Quilt Addicts Anonymous from a blog and small online store into a full blown business.

Then I just had to get on a plane and go. Now, getting ready for Quilt Market is a marathon of sewing, last-minute marketing pushes, setting up meetings to make new and nurture old connections, all while working on very little sleep. And I still have to get on a plane, this time with an overweight suitcase packed with quilt samples.

For Quilt Market Spring 2018 in Portland, I had quilts in Clothworks, QT Fabrics and Majestic Batiks booths. I gave my first school house on my first book, Simple Quilts for the Modern Home, and I had lots of meetings to order for the shop and set up possible partnerships moving forward. I was invited to Japan on this trip. We’ll see where that goes, and more on that later if anything happens.

But I thought the best way to show you the insanity, was to bring you along for the ride by filming the week leading up to Quilt Market and while I was gone. So check out the video above for my behind-the-scenes look into Quilt Market and all that it takes to make it happen. Just hit play above to check it out.

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