How to Start A Mask Making Group in Your Community

Today’s video is a little different. I brought in three women, one of whom doesn’t even sew, who have organized a group of volunteers to make 11,000 masks a week to go to healthcare workers in my community.

They recognized early on the massive need to make masks to protect our healthcare workers during the PPE shortage, put a call out on Facebook and now have more than 500 volunteers working together, but in their own living rooms, to make a massive difference in the community I live.

I got them together via Zoom chat to share how they got started, how they organize volunteers and requests for masks, handle drop off and pick up of donated materials and masks so that if you are working alone in your living room, you can maybe get something like this going in your community and make a big impact.

I hope this helps all of you and enables you to recreate what they have done on a global scale. Our work is needed. Keep sewing masks.

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