Kids Face Mask Pattern with Filter Pocket, Nose Piece & Adjustable Elastic for a Perfect Fit!

Kids are going back to school and day care soon, but COVID-19 is still here and wearing a mask is more important than ever to slow the spread. So today’s video goes over how to adjust an N95-style mask pattern for children over the age of 2.

This is the same pattern I used to make masks for my husband and I. It fits really well and is very breathable. Plus you can customize the fabric with your kid’s favorite colors and characters to get them on board with wearing masks all day at school.

In the video I cover how to print the pattern at a smaller scale to fit little ones, all the materials you need and explain which fabrics are best at blocking the virus to better protect your kids from people who won’t wear masks. Of course I also show you how to make the mask with a filter pocket, moldable nose piece and adjustable elastic so you can create the perfect fit to keep your kids and grandkids safe.

This tutorial also works for adults, you would follow all the same instructions, just you print the pattern at 100% for women and 110% for men instead of 85% for the child size.

Here’s all the info you need to make these for your little ones:

Mask making fabric, kits and supplies (may contain affiliate links):
N95 Style Mask by Sewing Therapy (print at 85% scale for kids):
Twist ties (FREE with any order, or $5.25 shipping & handling fee):
Silicone Cord Locks:
Drawstring Toggle:

Learn the difference between quilt shop and chain store fabric:

Check out more from Quilt Addicts Anonymous …
Online quilt shop:
Brick and mortar quilt shop: Quilt Addicts Anonymous, 3416 46th Ave., Suite 103, Rock Island, IL 61201

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