Stipple Meander Stencil – Intro to Free Motion Quilting

Welcome to our Intro Free Motion Quilting series! We are so excited about this course so we can help give you the confidence to finish your quilts yourself on your home sewing machine or longarm.

This is the first quilting tutorial of the course and we’re going to learn how to quilt the stipple meander!

The stipple meander is considered a very basic beginner quilting stitch. And while it the parameters to create a stipple – all curves with no points and don’t cross your stitching – seem very simple, it can be challenging if you have never done it before.

The stencil will help give your body the muscle memory it needs to be able to customize the stencil in later videos, while teaching you how to move around the quilt without getting stuck, how to maintain quilting density and allow you to focus on keeping your curves smooth and your stitch length even.

Once you get comfortable, you’ll be ready to move onto the customizations we will do in the next two videos.

If you haven’t watched our intro videos on the supplies you’ll need and how to use your stencils and Pounce Pad, make sure you watch those first on our class page:

We have created four reorderable quilt kits using solid fabrics from Northcott Colorworks. The richly colored fabrics are fabulous to work with, and it will make it very easy to see your stitches and make your stitching the star or the show.

Make sure you grab a stencil kit, which contains the four stencils and pounce pad we are using to learn the four basic stitches. And grab the quilt pattern, which is FREE with the purchase of any Free Motion Quilting Kit.

Supplies we are using:
Free Motion Quilting Series Pattern:
Free Motion Quilting Stencil Kit:
Free Motion Quilting Quilt Kit:

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  1. Hi Stephanie ….. did you spray baste your quilt sandwich? It looks like the top fabric is kind of moving around on the batting….


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