10 Things I Do That the Quilt Police HATE!

This video might be triggering. LOL not really, but it may ruffle your feathers if you are die hard about pre-washing your fabric or pressing your seams to the dark side.

Today we just have a fun video where I go through 10 things I do all the time that the Quilt Police would have a conniption over.

But here’s the deal … I get fantastic results in my quilts even though I do a ton of things differently than “the way our grandmothers did it.”

Part of that is because sewing, fabric and batting technology has changed a whole lot since the 70s when quilting became popular again, so some of the old rules don’t apply anymore.

And the other part it, THERE IS MORE THAN ONE RIGHT WAY TO QUILT!!! So if you have a technique that works for you, but it isn’t Quilt Police approved, you do what works and don’t worry about what other people think.

Let me know in the comments the sewing habits you have that the Quilt Police hate! Maybe we’ll have enough for a Part 2.

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