New Libs Elliott collection you have to add to your stash!

You’e heard me say it before, and I’ll say it again, when you see a basics collection that you love, you HAVE to add it to your stash.

There will come a day when you have a quilt pattern that you love that calls for 15 fabrics, and your fat quarter bundle just has 12 fabrics in it. That’s when you head to your basics stash and grab the perfect blender fabric to coordinate with the fabrics you love, supporting them without taking away from the designs.

Libs Elliott’s new collection Workshop is one of those must add to your stash collections. The modern prints and grown up rainbow of colors work all on their own or as supporting players in your next quilt when you need to add a few basics.

It would also work really well for quilt backs and sashing and cornerstones for our T-Shirt Quilt series. We’ve got bundles and yardage, so have some fun and improve your stash!

We also have new pre-cuts of Wild Ones by RJR Fabrics. This adorable collection is perfect for a baby or juvenile quilt. The cartoon koala, bears and lions are appropriate for a itty bitty baby, but also can grow up with your little one, still working until they are four or five.

The collection is filled with three different colorways, so you can get two to three baby quilts or one twin out of the fat quarter bundle. Or grab your favorite jelly roll, 5- or 10-inch charm pack pattern and get creating.

Products we featured:
Workshop by Libs Elliott for FIGO Fabrics:
Wild Ones from RJR Studios:

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