Tula Pink Tiny Beasts has arrived! Get a close up look …

I’m just going to start this email off by letting you know there is one less fat quarter bundle than normal, because I snagged it for my stash 😂

Tula Pink knocked it out of the park with her latest collection Tiny Beasts. The combinations of color combines with motifs that only gets more interesting the closer you look to reveal hidden images shows off all that Tula is capable of when it comes to designing amazing fabric.

Tiny Beasts is a must have for any Tula collector. If you’re a passive Tula fan, I believe this is her best one since All Stars several years ago. It definitely one to add to your stash. You all know I did.

Check out the video to get a close up look at all the prints, than grab some before it’s gone from our website! https://shop.quiltaddictsanonymous.com/product-category/fabric/free-spirit/tiny-beasts/?orderby=date

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