So it turns out you can have too much fabric …

Majestic Batiks shipment

Earlier this week I wrote that it looked like a quilt shop threw up in my living room. I received comments like, “And that’s a bad thing?” and “Heaven.” Then, the next day even MORE fabric arrived.

Yes, I currently have about 1,000 yards of the beautiful Majestic Batiks that needs to be cut and packaged into kits and batik bundles. I’ve had this much fabric in my house before as I mailed out kits, but I never had half of it sitting on my dining room table at once.

Majestic Batiks, Quilt Addicts Anonymous

I should back up here. The dining room table in question came with the house for free, mostly because it was already in bad shape and the previous owner didn’t want to move it. Judging by the mustard yellow velvet fabric on the two remaining chairs, the table was about 40 years old when we ended up with it, and that was six years ago. It was always a little dicey when putting a leaf in.

So knowing that, I decided I needed more table space and asked my husband to go get the leaf. Being the genius I am, I moved the stacks of fabric off the center of the table, you know so they wouldn’t fall when we pulled it apart, but didn’t take them off to minimize the load.


Well, with the first pull the table leaned down toward the center. At that point I made my first smart decision and decided we had better take the fabric off before going any further. Good thing, because when we got the table far enough apart to put the leaf in, it cracked in half and collapsed to the ground. The floor, miraculously, is fine. The table is toast.

Yeah, we could macgyver something together. But my dogs and two-year-old are regularly under the table, so I’m not taking chances. So now, like the classy adults we are, the my dining room is home to a folding table and a series of plastic bins holding the heavy fabric. I’m not taking any more chances by piling it all on top again.

My husband says we have officially given up the pretense that the dining room is actually for eating, and is really just an extension of my sewing studio. He also suggested that a new dining room table could be a business expense, since it is primarily used to sew, arrange fabric and other blog-related activities. While he may be right, I have a feeling the IRS won’t agree. So for now, I’ll make due with the very un-adult folding table that would look better at a picnic than in a dinning room.

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